Let's get to know Aquarius

It’s January 20th, the period of the Aquarius star sign has started. That is if you do not take into account the shifting of the constellations. Until February 18th, it’s all about the Aquarius. In order to celebrate that we will talk all about them in this post. So were you born in this period, or do you know someone who is, then this article might be interesting for you. We are going to explore the mind and personality of the Aquarius. What moves these people? Are they really as cool as they say they are? Let’s find out.

This star sign will speak its mind

The main character traits of an Aquarius are that they are creative thinkers, independent, and quite rebellious. These three traits go pretty well together, so it is not unlikely that an Aquarius might seem very outspoken. However, it is said that people with this star sign are actually quite shy and give everything a lot of thought. Aquarius is an air sign, which means they use their mind a lot. They might even overthink every little thing way too much. So when you do find an Aquarius that is outspoken, you can be sure that they know what they are talking about.

When an Aquarius speaks their mind, you might be able to note a sarcastic undertone. This is not a sense of superiority, it is their way of joking around. Once you are aware of that, you might learn to appreciate this unique sense of humor.

An Aquarius needs constant stimulation. If there is no intellectual gain, or creative thought process available, they get bored really easily. This is why an Aquarius is not afraid of change. They will sometimes even force this change to happen, just to get out of a rut. Their rebellious character really stands out then. They are also not afraid to rebel when they sense injustice. Do them or one of their scarcely selected friends wrong, and you will see the power of a true rebellious Aquarius.

Is an Auquarius actually a robot?

Something that people from this constellation are missing is the capability to express their emotions. Although they seem knowledgeable about almost anything, if you ask them how they are feeling, you will hardly ever get a decent answer. Although creative, their way of thinking almost always requires some sort of logic. This does not mix well when talking about emotions. They might just not accept that over analyzing won’t give them the clear logical answers they are used to.

So their unique way of thinking combined with their never ending search for stimulus makes an Aquarius a great person to hang out with. If you are lucky enough to be considered a friend, you will have a very valuable relation with them. Just don’t ask how they feel about all that because you won’t get a decent answer anyways.

The next star sign that is up will be Pisces, who are born between February 19th and March 20th.

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