Let's get to know Taurus

Spring has arrived, the days are getting longer, the constellation of Aries has done its job. Now it is time for Taurus to take over. From April 20th until May the 21st, this zodiac sign is ruler of our constellation map. Taurus is the second of the zodiac signs in order, although we have already discussed some others. We have shown you that Aquarius’ are creative, and that Pisces are sensitive people. Most recently, we saw that Aries, the ram, is a strong yet stubborn star sign. So what is the deal with Taurus? Does this constellation bring any interesting character traits? If you were born under Taurus, you might want to continue reading.

The strong side of the constellation

Taurus-the-bull---underluckystarsLet’s start with the positive character traits of the Taurus. Just like Aries, Taurus also resembles an animal with horns. In this case, it’s the bull. Again, we’re dealing with a strong animal here. And people with Taurus as their star sign seem aware of that. This makes them pretty calm and laid back. It is even safe to say that this constellation has patience as one of its strong, positive character traits. Taurus is also self reliant, they know their own strengths. It won’t come as a surprise to you then that the zodiac sign of Taurus is very independent.

With such as calm and confident attitude, it makes sense that people often look up to Taurus and ask them for advice. Their practical way of thinking is a source of useful information. Taurus are also fond of stability and responsibility, so most of use could really use the knowledge they have to spread. But don’t come knocking on their door if you are looking for something that could cause complications. If you get on a Taurus’ bad side, you’re in for a lot of trouble. Again, like Aries, a bull has horns and is not afraid to use them. If a Taurus attacks you, you better run. They will come at you with all they have got!

Even a Taurus isn't perfect

Taurus-constellation---underluckystarsLike every other star sign, the constellation of Taurus also has some weaknesses. That strong head of theirs is tough to crack. So if they have an idea in there, it is practically impossible to make them change it. Their stubborness is unparalleled. This uncompromising character trait can sometimes cause trouble for them as they just won’t back down. Their aforementioned practical way of thinking is based on factual thinking and according to a Taurus, a fact is a fact. Good luck trying to change that. Changes in general are something this zodiac signs doesn’t deal well with. Taurus’ love their structured stability so much that they will do everything in their power to keep things the way they are.

Combining the good with the bad, it is great to have a Taurus as a family member or long term friend. This way, there will not be a lot of changes in the relationship between you, making room to take advantage of the confidence and serenity that comes with this star sign.

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