10 Decorating Ideas for Celestial-themed Galaxy Home Decor

In the hyperconnected and busy world in which we live, nothing gives a deeper sense of peace than simply looking up at the stars above. We all need the occasional evening gazing out at the deep unknown to fire up our imaginations and give us some much needed perspective. Got no telescope and live in a polluted city? If you can’t get to the stars - let's bring the stars to you. Here are 10 simple celestial decorating ideas for your home.

1. Celestial Globe

This freestanding globe is a number one favorite among astronomers. The 12-inch spinning sphere shows a unique “inside out” depiction of the constellations as seen from the earth. The night sky wrapped around the globe is exquisitely detailed. Pick out nearly 300 stars and all 88 constellations. Sure, there are apps and internet sources to observe the night sky but thanks to this unique gift by Sky and Telescope you can have a wealth of starry information spinning around a corner in your living room!

2. Turn your wall into a portal to the sky with a Star Map

Capture a powerful moment of your life with a constellations map for any special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or anniversary, hang an accurate alignment of the stars tailored to you or your loved ones.
Celestial art is a great way to decorate your home immortalizing a special moment. Choose a classic black on white look, or go for the romantic warm red.
Design your custom star map today and highlight your lucky stars. Describe the moment, leave your message and we’ll take care of the rest!

Thinking about buying your own star?

3. Hang Space-themed Lighting Fixtures

Light up your home with “out-of-this-world“ chandeliers and pendants. Such beautiful light fixtures illuminate your home floor to ceiling. Switch the lights on and stargaze as long as you like with your new celestial home decor.
A star, a rocket, or the moon, the choice of lights is vast, and it’s up to you how galactic it would be. Invest in LED bulbs as those are energy efficient and often less heavy on your bills. Leave the tricky wiring to professionals such as Fantastic Handyman Services. It’s best to trust certified electricians to install lighting fixtures.

4. Backsplash for your Celestial Kitchen Decor

Make your very own kitchen truly out of this world with a starry backsplash! This way you can carry on stargazing and dreaming of the cosmos even as you cook your favourite meals.
Choosing tiles in your kitchen both deflects water and adds a soft visual tone to your walls. Add sporadic stars or go all out with celestial mosaic tiles. Do bear in mind you’ll most likely have to call a professional tiler to carry out the task.

5. Use Wall-hung Decor to Create a Celestial Themed Room

Give any room a night sky feel with wall-hung ornaments.
Star-shaped wall decor gives a feeling of depth and intricate detail to your walls, and you can paint on your favorite stars of the Universe. And if you are an astrology enthusiast, hang the entire solar system above your desk with plastic planets.

You could even try to DIY a star mobile or custom made dreamcatcher made of stars and half-moons. You’ve got the whole universe at your disposal, so get creative. A professional hanging service can save your time and minimizes the risk for any damage to your wall.

6. Reach for the Stars with String and Fairy Lights

Hang your very own star system on your ceiling for almost no cost. LED string lights can illuminate your room in a cosy manner. To that, fairy lights and twinkling stars are an excellent opportunity to create a starry night themed room.
Your celestial ceiling doesn’t have to be overpriced, as a set of string lights cost as little as £15. Who knows, if you string up enough “stars” you may be able to get rid of your lamps and bulbs altogether!

7. Turn your ceiling into a starry sky

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away - lies your bedroom! Turn your own bedroom ceiling into the starry night sky with a planetarium projector. What more relaxing way to fall asleep than under a hologram of the cosmos? There are a couple of ways to achieve space decor.
Painting is an option too. Be extraordinary and paint your ceiling dark as the night sky. Then sprinkle stars all around it with a light colour or to make things even more interesting, use luminous paint.

8. Hold the Moon in Your Hands

Get yourself a portable moon lamp that you can carry all-around your home. This rechargeable light often has a dimmer option, which also changes the colour it emits. To hold this lamp feels like carrying an entire world in your hands.
They sell different moon lamps, and some of these are interactive 3D models. Most of them need to be charged up then will last up to 12 hours.

9. Eat off the Moon

Invest in a celestial moon table for your living room. Admire the photorealistic copy of Luna while you drink your morning cup of tea.
Even better, invite your friends to show off your passion for astrology. Not everyone could say they’ve had their cup of joe on the surface of the Moon. Be wary though, it’s pretty fragile.

10. Sleep Among the Stars With a Celestial Duvet Cover

Drift away wrapped up in the comfort of the cosmos. Let that celestial motif turn you into a real space explorer. Cuddle up in the king-size starry quilt that isn’t just visually stunning, but comfy too!

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