Do you want to learn more about stars?

There are not many things in life more fascinating than the stars in our night sky. Since ancient times we have been studying the constellations and stars, wondering what they could be. Over time, our knowledge has grown significantly. The last few decades, science has taken a giant leap, and astronomy is now a very serious study for which you need years at university. If you don’t want to spend all that time studying, but you do want to know more about our knowledge of stars and astronomy, there is good news. There is one invention that makes it possible for you to learn a great deal about astronomy. Instead of stargazing, you should be TV-gazing. There are a few TV shows that are really great for aspiring astronomers. Here are our 4 favourites in.


Carl-Sagan---underluckystarsThis show from 1980 is such a masterpiece that it inspired many shows that came after it. Carl Sagan, the narrator and creator of this series, is the man who made astronomy popular for a big audience. He showed that studying the stars is something amazing, and not only nerds are interested in looking at the constellations. In 13 episodes he takes us on a journey through the galaxies into the vast universe we see every night when we look up to the sky. Sagan teaches us about the planets of our solar system, the life cycle of stars, and even a bit of astrology. He talks about the great astronomers of ancient times, such as the Greek astronomers, and Ptolemy, and Galilei. For anyone interested in the stars in the sky, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos is truly a necessity to watch.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

neil-degrasse-tyson---underluckystarsNeil deGrasse Tyson had been studying astronomy for many years before making this show. He was inspired by Carl Sagan, and decided that he too wanted to become an astronomer. He also is a great narrator which made him decide to make this TV show. It is not only a homage to his hero Carl Sagan; the show actually offers a lot of newly gained knowledge about our solar system, the Milky Way, and other stars and galaxies. It was released 34 years after Sagan’s Cosmos, and science hasn’t stopped in between. Our knowledge of the universe has grown so much, that it is almost obligated to watch this show after you have binged the original Cosmos serie.

Through the Wormhole

Morgan-Freeman---underluckystarsYou won’t miss anything that’s been said in Through the Wormhole for a simple reason: Morgan Freeman. His soothing voice manages to captivate your attention from the moment he starts talking. Although not all episodes are about astronomy, it is still a very educational and interesting show. The episodes that are about stars, wormholes, universes, and constellations are very well made. It will give you more insight into the knowledge astronomers have and what they are working on.

Stephen Hawking’s Universe

stephen-hawking---underluckystarsArguably, one of the greatest minds of our time happens to be specialized in astronomy. Stephen Hawking is a super intelligent human being who manages to get his knowledge across, despite his disability. In 6 episodes, you’ll learn all about the creation of the universe, black holes, and other questions we have related to astronomy. There are many other scientists that appear on the show informing us about all their research. It is all done in a manner that you don’t have to be a scientist yourself to understand what it is all about. Very satisfying.

After these 4 shows, you can safely say you are an expert on astronomy TV shows. It might not be the same as being an actual astronomer, but it’s still pretty cool. It will also give you a bit of insight about what it means to be an astronomer. So if you were thinking about becoming one, you kind of have to watch these shows first.

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