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Star map of the happiest moments of your life

We are Under Lucky Stars.

We make beautifully designed star maps that show the unique alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you. Birthday, engagement, when you first met... the stars never look the same twice.

Some Happy Star Map Owners

sofiawolff It feels so damn good

martonavila Looks beautiful in my dining room

artynads Such a great idea! It's so different

celeste_wright It's gorgeous!!!! I love it already. It's a star map of what the stars looked like the minute Lila was born above the hospital she was born in. 💘

dayanne_br Thank you @sudapl for adding a spark of magic in every moment we spend together.

soniamencarelli Our first kiss happened under a starry sky in September

prettybudgettips I love stars and all products with stars! 💫

derekromero_ My girlfriend loved your star maps! She couldn't stop crying

piiatuuli Amazing

ella_aalto This one surprised me with the best gift ever ❤️

michellemcgradyphotography ❤️


margiespage Our two year anniversary is coming up and this poster from @underluckystars reminded me of it. This is what the sky looked like on the exact day we got married!! How special is that?

othersparkles Thank you @underluckystars for never letting memories fade ⭐ Who’s surprised we got each other the exact same gift 😍 @underluckystars thank you for the beautiful prints!


wavesandlilacs 1. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays hands down. 2. Surprising Jake with a map of the constellations from the day we were married from @underluckystars made it that much better this year. cozy.

rickkrisman ❤️❤️

francoalvarezcrestana 💪👌👌️

elisamayx Perfect!️ ❤️


sarahhej That night, under the French sky we had our first kiss. One year later I surprised my girlfriend with the star map of that moment on the exact same location of our first kiss

umnaamr For there is no better way to capture the beauty of the night we got married than by remembering how the stars looked down upon us.



mkbhd Lowkey this is the nerdiest poster you will ever see. Shoutout to @underluckystars for some studio art.



alyssaaleww Thank you for happy tears 💗

mylifebylexi We feel like the stars aligned the day we met, and so for this day I wanted to freeze the night sky forever. The most romantic flipping gift I’ve ever got him.

mz.interior 😍

bennibowtie The universe is funny that way. Sometimes it just has a way of making sure we wind up exactly where we belong

miixtapeherz The Night I Knew🌹



People Say

Sheridan Diana Ingalls reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
September 7 at 6:18pm
LOVE IT! So sweet and special and looks beautiful in the frame.
Tanja Mark reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
September 22 at 5:13pm
Thank you for this beautiful thing, I'm madly in love! The quality's beyond amazing and the colours come off unexpectedly strong, which adds a beautiful effect to it. Definitely a very unique gift, that's totally worth its price.
Jillian Montgomery reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
September 5 at 3:31pm
Absolutely love my star map. Used it as a 'guest book' for my wedding in July. It was beautiful, romantic, and completely unique. Will probably be wanting another soon!
Jessica Paola reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
September 5 at 4:14pm
Beautiful, good quality, and arrived earlier than expected.
Cale Petterwood reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
September 14 at 12:21pm
I got a Star Map of the night my wife and I had our first conversation and surprised her for our anniversary. Needless to say, it went down an absolute treat. There may have been tears... From both parties... MAY have. Beautiful idea for any special/memorable occasion.
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Love Letters

A few of the many we got (not to sound braggy)


Choose your favorite design, add custom title and footnote.


Crisp resolution, impeccable printing quality.


I love these, how much does it cost?

Depends on the size and the frame. Our smallest print (12 x 16 inches or 30 x 40 cm) starts at $45, shipping included. The product is the highest quality smooth art print on 240 GMS papers. We are very proud of it.

How long is the shipping?

To the US, the EU and Australia we estimate 7-10 calendar days, to the rest of the world 10-21 days.

If that's too slow for you, Express shipping is available to most countries.

Do you ship to the United States?

Yes, absolutely.

How do I pay?

We accept major credit cards and PayPal.

How do I order?

You can design, preview and order your beautiful print on our website. Click here.

Is this the perfect gift?

Yes, it is.

Design Yours Now From $45
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