Gifts for mom that she will never forget

While some things and life come and go, some things never change. You can change your job, move to a new place, heck, you change your clothes every day. But there are some things that stay the same, for instance your mom and family. And in our modern world of quick and constant changes, in which fads and trends come in and out of fashion constantly, we should cherish and value those little things that withstand the test of time. What better way to show our gratitude than through a gift for mom as a token of our appreciation?

For today's feature we want to cherish and celebrate the steadiness and strength of motherly love. There aren't many things you can be as sure of as your mother's love for you. Needless to say, it’s never a bad time to show our mother's our appreciation and affection. It's the least we can do to thank them for a lifetime of love and looking out for us.

With this in mind, we've drawn up a list of cool gift ideas for mom, so take a close look and pick what best suits you!

Cool gift ideas for mom

A personalized star map

With this gift, the stars are aligned, literally... Nothing says I love you more than a custom-made star map. A perfect gift for mom, and completely out of the box. She will be surprised for sure!


What's great about this gift is that you can commemorate any moment you want with it. Choose the time and place of your special moment and Under Lucky Stars will take care of the rest.

Under Lucky Stars uses the Yale University's Bright Star Catalog to generate astronomically verified star maps that accurately reflect how the sky looked at a specific time and location. The details are up to you... What would be the perfect gift for mom? A star map of her birthday, her wedding day, or the day she had you, just to put a few ideas on the table.

This is definitely a great symbolic gift for all mothers out there! And one which, besides, will simply look great on her wall.

Treat her to a day at the spa

We all need and deserve to relax every now and then... And that is especially true when it comes to mothers. No one else deserves a break more than them!

It's therefore always a good gift idea to give mom the chance to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the daily routine. Nowadays spas offer all kinds of treatments, such as water circuits, baths, massages, hydrotherapies or dry saunas, so just find the best choice in your area and give your mom a treat! An ideal gift to help mom kick back and relax.


Take her out on an excursion

Every now and then it's nice to mix things up and give experiences as a gift, as opposed to physical presents. And she will most definitely appreciate the chance to spend some quality time with you.

Depending on where you live, there are always different options to go on day trips, whether this is a day at the beach, hiking through scenic routes, or enjoying a picnic in nature. You choose!


A custom-made phone case

What mothers appreciate the most is to feel that you've taken the time to think of them. When getting mom a gift it's therefore a good idea to combine functionality and symbolism. Give mom a cool gift that will make her smile and that she can also use!


Under Lucky Stars not only offers star maps to hang on the wall. They also print them on phone cases so that you can carry your stars everywhere with you. Just think of how happy she would be to have a star map of the moment you were born in her purse. And of course, she would be the envy of all her friends! Without any doubt, this is a gift she will always remember.

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