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We are Under Lucky Stars.

We make beautifully designed star map phone cases that show the unique alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you. Your first date, your first kiss, your engagement... the stars never look the same twice.

Protect your most personal device with the most personal cover.

Some Happy Star Map Phone Case Owners

yevka_kobenko These are amazing!

anyakeeleigh These are amazing!


marialalala44 Where did you story begin? 💙🖤💙

prettybudgettips "See the moon shining through the trees" ✨🌙 Recently they also sell the most beautiful star phone covers alongside posters


gentledvrkling Tysm for this new awesome case @underluckystars

cooper_calligraphy Thank you @underluckystars for these gorgeous personalized iPhone cases!

mel1156 Love this gift! The star alignment the day/location Zoe was born💕 @underluckystars!

evenangelsfallblog Absolutely in love with my new phone case from @underluckystars It's really beautiful❤️

mariebaacklund ❤️

People Say

Eric Fly reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
November 15 at 11:36pm
Girlfriend loved it! She was blown away. Our first night together was under the stars on the beach.
Judy Bradfield reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
November 15 at 10:53pm
It turned out perfect. Amazing!!
Mandy Turnbill Hall reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
November 15 at 10:50pm
This was a gift and I couldnt be happier with it.
Duane Cornett reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
November 16 at 3:04am
Excellent service and quick delivery! Exactly as ordered!
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Choose your favorite design, add custom title and footnote.

Two Versions

Pick the Snap Case for slimmer design or the Tough Case for better protection.


I love these, how much does it cost?

All cases are custom made for your specified special date, with your choice of text. The slimmer Snap Case costs $35 with free shipping. The stronger Tough Case costs $45 with free shipping.

Which phones are supported?

Currently we support all iPhones starting from 7, as well as Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 2. We'll be adding more models in 2019. If your model is not covered, you might be interested in our gorgeous star prints.

How long is the shipping?

To US, EU, Australia we estimate 7-10 calendar days, to the rest of the world 10-21 days.

If that's too slow for you, Express shipping is available to most countries.

Do you ship to the United States?

Yes, absolutely.

How do I pay?

We accept major credit cards and PayPal.

How do I order?

You can design, preview and order your beautiful new phone case on our website. Click here.

Is this the perfect gift?

Yes, it is.

More questions?

You can find answers here.


We publish stories you sent us about important moments that you made into a star map.
Here are some of our favorites.

Christie's Story

On October 1st, 2017 at 9pm, my boyfriend Justin told me he loved me for the very first time. I responded with “Took you long enough.” Less than an hour later a gunman opened fire down on us.

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Megan's Story

So this was the weird night when I met my husband. I had just finished a 14-hour shift at a bakery, was going through a fairly nasty divorce (married far too young), and just wanted to grab a drink at the bar next door before going home to sleep and start it all over.

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Robert's Story

At about 1am I was woken up by my wife then 26 weeks pregnant with our first child. She had been having trouble sleeping for the past few nights but this time she said we needed to go to the ER because something was not right.

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