Let's get to know Pisces

The annual reign of Aquarius has come to an end, it is time for the next zodiac sign. From February 19th until March 20th, it's Pisces that rules the night's sky.Everyone born in that period is a fish, as Pisces is the Latin word for fishes. In this article we will have a look at what Pisces are all about. What makes people with this zodiac sign happy, and what angers them? So if Pisces is your star sign, or you have a friend or loved one whose birth chart is from this constellation, make sure to read on.

Pisces have feelings, you know

Of all 12 zodiac signs, Pisces might just be the most sensitive of them all. People from this star sign are very empathetic, and show real care and love for their friends and family. Besides their compassionate side, they are also very spiritual. This makes them connect better with their emotions. Because of that, their care and selflessness comes from a profound understanding of their impact. In other words, when a Pisces cares for you, they will know how to make you feel better. It won’t surprise you to hear that Pisces are perhaps the most generous of all the star signs. Pisces are really good at spreading their love, so it’s really nice to have a Pisces as a close friend.Pisces-are-good-friends---underluckystars
Pisces is ruled by Neptune, this makes them creative people. Neptune’s speciality is music, so don’t be surprised if your Pisces friend will steal the show at the next karaoke evening. Their talents are not only musical though. They tend to be creative, which makes them good at taking things on on their own. They don’t fear taking on challenging projects, only to lose themselves completely in them. Pisces work really well individually. They also appreciate being on their own from time to time. Despite being so caring and loving, every now and then Pisces need to be left alone.

This zodiac sign is not always happy

It’s not always sun that shines with Pisces. Because they do everything so intensely, it can really get to them when things go wrong. A Pisces is never just a bit down. They tend to get full on sad. As passionate as they can get regarding work, the same goes for looking for an escapism when things don’t go too well. This means Pisces can find themselves using more alcohol or drugs than they should. They are very sensitive, and too much drugs and alcohol could lead to huge problems for them. A good cure would be going to the gym, as they would easily adapt that as their new religion. It would work as their much needed escapism and keep their creative and sensitive minds clear.
So even though Pisces is officially the last of the twelve zodiac signs, Pisces are definitely not the least. Pisces are really valuable friends to have. They will teach you more about yourself than you could imagine. Make sure to reach out to them every once in a while when they seem down. They can then really use your help to keep their head clear.

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