Our New Astronaut Design

For millennia humankind have gazed into the night sky wondering about the stars. The Greeks and the Babylonians identified and named constellations and with the advent of the telescope it was possible to Chronicle previously indistinguishable constellations.

More recently technological progress has enabled humans to get even closer to the stars through space programs . In 1961 the first human astronauts were launched into orbit around the Earth. We are therefore very excited to launch our latest limited edition star map design which reflects this long-standing fascination with the stars and space travel.


The design itself was created by a very cool and talented artist called Enkel Dika, whose work can be seen https://www.instagram.com/buko2/

Some of our favorites:




The artist has used the iconic image of the astronaut helmet, which reflects in it’s Visor the night sky. To get your own Astronaut's view of the sky above your specially moment.

Design yours at underluckystars.com


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