Romantic Gifts for Her

That special date is coming up and you still don’t know what to get her? Heck, special day or not, it’s never uncalled for to show her your appreciation through a special gift.

Be that as it may, coming up with a thoughtful and original gift for your partner isn’t a piece of cake. It isn’t easy at all to gift someone you love, as any present can plainly seem banal or mundane compared to your feelings for her. However, to help you trigger your brainstorming, we suggest you think of a gift with symbolic meaning behind it. Think about what she loves and values, if she’s sentimental or more down-to-earth, or if she prefers experiences over objects and belongings… All these hints will make your gift-giving all the more relevant for her.

As we’ve said, finding the perfect gift for her is no simple task. We’ve got you covered, though. Today we’re bringing you some unique gift ideas for the woman in your life, no matter whether it is her birthday, your anniversary, the holiday season or any gift-giving event!

Romantic gift ideas for her

A map of the stars

Nothing says “I love you” more than a unique and customized gift, chosen especially for her. Which is why our first gift idea for women on this list is a tailor-made map of the stars for couples. You might be asking what in the heavens that means. Well, it’s actually quite simple. All you have to do is give Under Lucky Stars a specific time, date and location, and they will conceive a precise map of how the night sky looked on that given night, with all its stars and constellations. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this.
Think of the day you met, the moment you first kissed, the moment you moved in together or any other memorable milestone in your relationship. The stars never look the same twice. Trust us, she’ll love it! Definitely a great gift idea for her, whether it is her birthday or your anniversary… Anyhow, any excuse to celebrate your love is perfect!

A day at the spa

This is a perfect gift for women who value experiences over physical presents. A day at the spa represents a chance to unwind, relax and let oneself be pampered. Whether it's a facial, body massage, body wrap, or a manicure, all these treatments relieve stress and anxiety.

This gift is even better if you don’t just book a day at the spa for one… Book a day for two! This is a great birthday or anniversary gift for her as it will also give you a chance to bond and spend time together in a laid back atmosphere.

A cool phone case

This gift idea is meant for the more practical-minded gals. Nowadays, phones are an essential part of our lives. As such, they’re worth looking after. We’re not stopping at just a cool phone case, though: it’s also possible for a phone case to be a romantic keepsake. Under Lucky Stars also print their gorgeous star maps on nifty phone cases. This way she’ll think of you every time she reaches for her phone!

A flower bouquet subscription

What could be more romantic than a bouquet of flowers? The answer is simple: a monthly income of fresh flower bouquet! Show her your never ending and always blossoming love through this romantic gift, ideal for her birthday, your anniversary or no occasion at all! All you have to do is talk to your local flower shop to set this up.

A night out at a hip restaurant

Sometimes, the most romantic gifts are those which offer a chance to loosen up and kick back. And with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, having someone cook for you is a real luxury. Notably when it’s done by the best chefs and cooks in town! Book an evening at the hippest restaurant in town and spend some quality romantic time with the special woman in your life. Indulge in an amazing dinner and take advantage of the opportunity to catch up and bond.

A beautiful watch

Timepieces are always a neat option for a classy and elegant gift. It’s an accessory that adds sharpness to any look. Besides, it’s useful! And she’ll remember you whenever she checks the time. Just go to your local watch shop and pick the perfect watch, and she’ll be delighted by this romantic gift for her!

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