SHOOT FOR THE STARS - Unique Gifts for Stargazers

With back-to-back birthdays you are constantly racking your brains for awesome gifts. What about space-themed presents? Put those socks down, we have got you covered! There are star-spangled socks depicting the constellations of course, and a bunch of novelty gifts like moon necklaces and galaxy pants. Read on however if you are looking for gifts for serious star-gazers.

Check out these stellar gifts (pun certainly intended) for a brilliant gift to a space-lover.

Celestial Globe

This freestanding globe is a number one favorite among astronomers. The 12-inch spinning sphere shows a unique “inside out” depiction of the constellations as seen from the earth. The night sky wrapped around the globe is exquisitely detailed. Pick out nearly 300 stars and all 88 constellations. Sure, there are apps and internet sources to observe the night sky but T¡thanks to this unique gift by Sky and Telescope you can have a wealth of starry information spinning around a corner in your living room!

Solar System Crystal Ball: Mystics and tarot card readers move over, Crystal Balls can now depict planets too! This clear spherical lamp depicts all the planets of the solar system (not including Pluto). A quirky gift that is both educational and mesmerizing to behold!

Personalized Star Map

Here at Under Lucky Stars we make the ORIGINAL Star Map. They depict the starry night sky on any special occasion with more accuracy than most competitors. Based off Nasa data and a complex astronomical calculus, each map shows the alignment of the stars, constellations and make a great gift for loved ones.

Galileo Thermometer

The best astronomy gifts have been around for hundreds of years! This thermometer is based on Galileo’s instruments from the 1600s and comes as a cylindrical thermometer and barometer set. They are both in clear glass so you can see the colourful liquid rise and fall as the temperature affects their respective density. As beautiful as it is fascinating, this gift is a guaranteed conversation-starter!

3D Planets Puzzle

“So, you think you know the solar system?” - that’s what you can write on the gift tag to this one-of-a-kind puzzle! A game all astronomers will love: piece together all the planets of the solar system in 522 pieces. The ingenious design by manufacturer Ravensburgh means that you can create 3D planets with no glue needed. Once you have completed the puzzle you have the reward of a mini solar system ready to hang from the ceiling!

Space Atlas: No one takes photos like National Geographic (photographers). This beautifully illustrated Atlas of the Universe contains maps, stunning photographs and detailed charts of the universe. The latest edition has a new introduction by astronaut Buzz Aldrin. This gift will make a welcome addition to any astronomer’s coffee table!

Heat Changing Planet Mug

Also, what better companion to the Space Atlas than a mug depicting the solar system? This ceramic mug changes with the temperature to give you fascinating facts and colourful images about the solar system. There is also a version with stars where the constellations appear as your coffee heats up the mug!

Planet Plates: For those fun-loving astronomers out there, here is the perfect addition to your dining room table! These large dinner plates are illustrated with watercolour depictions of the planets. Perfect for an evening with fellow space-lovers. Have you set them around the table correctly however? There is the true test!

Travel Telescope with Backpack: What better gift for an astronomer than the stars themselves? For amateur astronomers the new Celestron travel scope is a top quality telescope that comes with a 70mm objective lens and powerful eyepieces - all for a reasonable price. It also comes with a backpack and tripod, so the lucky recipient is all set up for a night of star-gazing!

Planetarium Projector

If we can’t take them to the stars, why not bring the starry night sky into their living room - that is a pretty memorable gift! Options vary from a romantic blanket of stars on the ceiling to more accurate images of the planets, nebulae and more.

For more inspiration or just to plunge into some fascinating facts about our Galaxy, just carry on browsing this site!

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