How to make a Star Map for your most memorable moment!

What moment would you choose for your Star Map?

At Under Lucky Stars we make beautifully designed Star Maps that show the unique alignment of the stars at the place and time chosen by you.

The moment you met your significant other, the minute your child was born, the day you said "yes", the night of your wedding, the first time you danced under the stars…

Our Star Maps are also the perfect gift to commemorate other special occasions like graduation, Mother's Day, your best friend's birthday or a myriad other moments that make life so special.


It's pretty easy to create your personal Star Map. Here are 5 steps you need to follow to create one:

Step 1: Choose your favourite design

We have various colorful options for you to choose from. The combination of a dazzling design and touching title will make this the most treasured of personalised gifts which is sure, not only to look wonderful decorating any home, but also to be a daily reminder of a cherished moment.

We also make limited edition designs for special holidays, such as Christmas, Valentine’s day and Saint Patrick’s Day.

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Step 2: Put the time and location of your special occasion.

It can be a star map of your birthday, the day you met your love, anniversary, first date, wedding, the day you moved in together or any other significant date in your life. You can even generate a star map for occasions in the future. Men are famous for not remembering important dates, here is the chance for them to surprise their partner with the opposite.


Step 3: Write the perfect title.

This is the most important and intimate part, as you can impress your beloved recepient with a very sensitive and personal message, beautiful quote or highlight some memorable anniversary. It’s up to your imagination! Not sure how to express your feelings? Check out what some of our other customers have put on our webpage or Instagram account.


Step 4: Shipping details.

Fill in the form with the complete address details of where you want us to send your stunning Star Map. We ship worldwide! Which means that although we are currently living in strange and unsettled times, and many of us have been separated from friends and families, you can still send a fabulous image of the night sky above a memorable occasion, to your beloved, in almost any part of the world. Our Star Maps come without any invoices or documents inside the packaging, so you can be sure it will be a great surprise.

Step 5: Receive and enjoy your map.

Not only as a great decoration, but also as a personalised memento, your Star Map will for sure be a treasure on any wall. It would also be a wonderful addition to a gorgeous Instagram picture. We would really love to share your photo on our page as have many other happy customers.


Your very own Star Map

We hope this guidance was helpful and that you are in the middle of creating your very own masterpiece as we speak!

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We are excited to see the stunning Star Map that you will surely be creating!

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