You must see the most popular Star Map designs for 2021!

What design would you choose for your Star Map?

Check out what we offer and the designs that are winning so far this year.

At Under lucky Stars we have created a series of stunning custom Star Map designs to immortalize unique moments in the lives of our customers. It could be the stars when you met, the moment your baby was born, the commemoration of a loved one that has passed.

**Whatever the occasion you want to remember we have a design to suit and are alway looking for new and inspiring designs. **

Sometimes we create Star Maps with the express intention of them being limited editions. Other times we experiment with new and unusual designs to add to our range. Some of these become instant hits and are permanently added to our Star Map collections Others make a brief appearance before being retired.

So what designs can you choose from to capture your special moment for eternity? And which of those are proving the most popular way to represent the special starry moments of our customers this year?

Compass Design - An all time classic for Star Maps.

At Under Lucky Stars the “Compass” is one of our quintessential designs.

We now offer this in a range of colours, but the first was the classic, solid blue compass design and background with the Stars and compass delineated in white.


Following on from the success of this marine blue star chart we developed a range of different colours.

So how are these classics fairing during 2021? Here are the 2021 rankings of our classic compass Star Maps


Hmmmm. None of these are at the number 1 spot, so far in 2021. So what other designs can you find to celebrate that special moment under the starry sky?

Heart Designs - Are these the most romantic way to see your constellations?

We also offer a heart series. Originally this delightfully romantic representation of a poetic moment in our customers' lives came about as a fun design that we posted on our Instagram page on Valentines day. However, so many people requested this version of their special, starry moment that we incorporated it into one of our permanent designs. Since doing so, 1000’s of heart shaped Star Maps now lovingly adorn the walls of many customers' homes.

Similar in format to the compass series, with one surprise:- an anatomical heart. This unusual Star Map design was inspired by Brazilian street art! Since its incorporation into our heart series it has become very popular. Frequently selected by our customers in the medical profession! Although not exclusively ;)

As a limited edition for 2021’s Valentines day we created a red heart on a white background. Let's take a look at their success in 2021.....


Wow!! Even though the Red Heart was only available until the 14th of February it's still lying as 5th most popular this year! That's a lot of romance right there!

Wedding Bands - Late comer but taking on the challenge!

The first new permanent Star Maps of 2021 are our wedding rings design. Available both in Gold on black and Silver on Black they are already becoming quite popular, despite only being available for a short time.



Introduced in 2020 our blue and pink owl astronomers, known affectionately by the Under Lucky Star team as Nocoo, are the cutest addition to a baby's bedroom. They not only show the night (or day) sky above the infant's birth but the erudite little owl can help stimulate the son or daughter's interest in the world around them. We can supply a list of the constellations contained in their birth star map upon request


Moon & Galaxy

Ok, you guessed it, we left the 2 most popular designs till last ;) Before we tell you which one is (currently) the most selected Star Map, we are going to tell you a little about them.

Our Moon design is based on a real picture of our beautiful moon, taken by talented astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy . If you look carefully you will see all of the Moon's curves, valleys and craters. Maybe you’ll also see someone, or something peeking out from one of them ;)

The Galaxy design, with its heavenly shades of blue, is actually another of our compass designs. The background encapsulates the magic of the world beyond ours. It was designed in-house, by no less than our CEO!! Great work Zoltan!

And the winner is…….. Drum roll ……


Yes, the Moon is the most popular design which our customers choose as the background for the stars and constellations above their special moment.

But I have to say it is very closely followed by the Galaxy design. In fact they are almost neck and neck! It could well be a photo finish by the time we get to the end of the year.


Limited Editions

We have had some fabulously popular limited edition Star Maps over the years. Most popular were the Sun and the Astronaut. Each of these was custom designed to be used to frame our maps of the night sky.

The Astronaut Star Map was designed by buko2 The night sky (or day sky) of the selected moment were contained within the visor of a space helmet with the planets circling around the helmet.

Keep your eye on our webpage for our forthcoming Limited Edition designs ;)

Your Favourite Star Map Design ?

So which one would you choose? Whichever one it is, enter MYSTARMAP at checkout to get a 15% discount. And, if you have any suggestions for a new limited edition, why not email us with the heading “My Star Map Design”. There is a prize for any of the suggestions that we adopt.

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