Written in the Stars - The Story of Bo-Amy

Here at Under Lucky Stars, we like to think our star maps are a gift of a lifetime. A meaningful part of our customers lives that gets woven into the fabric of their relationship, families and futures. Here is the next part in our series of special stories as we follow our maps.

We love to hear the stories behind our maps. Why did you choose that date? What detail about the night was most special to you? Could you tell us something about your partner?

Some of our customer stories have made our hearts (and eyes) fill.

We thought we would check up on some of our customers and see where the star-studded maps ended up!

Meet Bo-Amy.

Her story is truly unique. Just a few years ago, her now husband was in a relationship with another woman, and she was also in the wrong relationship. They met on a sunny afternoon in a restaurant in Germany. He is from South Africa. They had grown up on the other side of the world from each other. They came from separate worlds.

Yet their connection was impossible to ignore.

She spoke in German, he answered in English. Of course, given the tangled beginnings of their romance their path was rocky at first. Yet they survived the thorny beginning and now they tell us their love is stronger than ever!

Lovers Entwined

Bo-Amy chose the date of their first kiss and froze it in the starry sky in her star map. They hang it in their bedroom as a constant reminder of how the universe brought them together against all odds.

To quote Bo-Amy: “He is my sun and stars and I'm his moon of his life. And as long as the sun and moon endure, I am his, and as long as the stars abandon the night, he is mine.”


We went back to Bo-Amy to check in on the happy couple and see if the star map is still symbolizing that same love. Here's what they said...

Love under setting sun

  1. What made you choose the date for your Star Map?

The date of our star map is the date where we first kissed. We were sitting outside and he asked me very gentle and shy if he could kiss me. It was so romantic.

  1. What has your relationship taught you?

Our relationship taught me that there is true love in this world. And I found that true love with him and I couldn't be happier.

  1. Do you still speak in English and German?

Yes! We still speak English and German and sometimes a little Afrikaans.

  1. Do you have a good relationship with his daughter now?

My relationship to his daughter is so sweet! I'm not like a stepmother to her coz I want that she knows that she has a mother who loves her. But we have like a really good bond to each other and we're cuddling and playing and she got really attached to me. If we three are together it's like a happy little family and it's so sweet.

  1. Are you the same couple that met in the restaurant that day?

I don't think we are still the same couple. I think our love got stronger and stronger and we know everything about each other now. We know how the other one feels without asking and we know what the other one wants to say before he finishes the sentence. We just fit perfectly together and living together is so easy and beautiful.

  1. Can you share what you think is most special about your partner?

The most special thing about my partner is his big heart. He always wants to help everyone and is so sweet, kind and gentle. He hates fighting and is so respectful to other people. We never fight coz you just can't fight with him. I never met someone with such a beautiful soul.

  1. When was the last time you went stargazing?

We don't go out really often in this quarantine time. But if we are outside at night we always look at the stars.

  1. Do you live by a motto?

We don't really live by a motto. We just live day by day together. Being together is most important for us.

  1. Where do you keep your Star Map?

The star map is hanging on our wall in our sleeping room by the bed.

  1. What three words would you use to describe your family?

Definitely crazy, strong bond and weird but lovable.

  1. How will you celebrate your next Anniversary?

I don't know yet but I think I will do something really special and romantic. Something he won't see coming like the star map he didn't see coming. Depending on how long this quarantine still goes.

Her story proved that love can cross borders, languages and spring on you in the most unexpected of places.

We are delighted to hear their relationship gets stronger by the day. Sure, it is also natural to have the occasional speed-bump in your relationship. There are also those couples that choose particularly rocky roads – perhaps the downhill after an upward struggle makes it worth it!

The story of Bo-Amy had some inspiring messages – spending time together as a family. Choosing to combine two families and not divide them. Her partner sounds like a very special person, we should all take heart from his big-soul approach to treating others with warmth, respect and not rising to conflict!

Thank you Bo-Amy for sharing your wonderful story with us.

By the sounds of it, you two have a wonderful and rare love. We are so glad our star map is still shining from your bedroom wall, and we are honoured to have been a part of your story!

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