Written in the Stars - The Story of Kelly

Here at Under Lucky Stars, we like to think our star maps are a gift of a lifetime. A meaningful part of our customers lives that gets woven into the fabric of their relationship, families and futures. Here is the next part in our series of special stories as we follow our maps.

We love to hear the stories behind our maps. Why did you choose that date? What detail about the night was most special to you? Could you tell us something about your partner?

Some of our customer stories have made our hearts (and eyes) fill.
We thought we would check up on some of our customers and see where the star-studded maps ended up!

This is the Story of Kelly

Do you ever wonder – what if? What if your childhood sweetheart was your adult sweetheart? What if you had worked things out with an ex?

If Kelly’s story is anything to go by, the Universe will catch up with you. Some couples paths just seems to be written in the stars!

Love in the mountains

Before we meet Kelly, let me just fill you in on her story, it’s pretty special. If you want to get straight to her just scroll down, she shared some beautiful and inspiring thoughts and advice with us.

Meet Kelly

Kelly met the love of her life at high-school. Like so many young couples however, they had a turbulent relationship and a dramatic breakup. Ten years later Kelly had just left an abusive relationship. After suffering silently for three years she couldn’t take it anymore and made the brave decision to get out.

Being alone with her children and starting again was terrifying – it was also exhilarating. She was free.

International Women’s Day

If any of you reading this are a single parent, you will know – you don’t get much time off!

Kelly was finally independent and happy but she had to work hard to support her family and had little time for herself. They say it takes a village to raise a child, now imagine one woman outnumbered by her children, and working full-time? Life was wonderfully open yet exhaustingly full.

One night, Kelly’s phone bleeps. It’s a friend request from Derek, that high-school crush from ten years before. You remember the butterflies you used to get in your stomach when you were a teenager? Kelly’s stomach was a butterfly house.

The next morning – the friend request was gone.

Kelly was sad but she went back to her routine. The butterflies had gone but sadness lingered. The next day, the friend request popped up again. Kelly didn’t need to think twice but accepted it immediately.

The relationship they had begun a decade before started again. Slowly at first, with a week of silence on one part, worry on the other. The friendship blossomed and the pair were soon exchanging song lyrics on Facebook to match their emotions.

They spoke through music, flirted online and felt like teenagers again.

One weekend Kelly has a rare opportunity to go out with a girlfriend. She gets a sitter for her children, and battles with an anxiety about her first night out since before her previous relationship, as her abusive ex never allowed her out. She texts Derek her plans. Kelly sits with her children and waits for her ride.

Her friend never shows.

Secretly, she’s relieved. The thought of being in a club with tons of young, carefree people made her feel anxious and overwhelmed. It had been so long since she had felt like that person.

She calls Derek to tell him she missed her big girls’ night out. The line goes silent….

“You have to come” Derek says. “I’m here!”

She explains she can’t as she doesn’t have money for gas and he sends her some. It feels like a moment later that she is walking through the doors of Tilt, Rochester and she sees her high-school crush and ex for the first time in ten years.

Kelly told us:

“‘Love at first sight’ is an understatement for what I felt in that moment and I knew he felt it too.”

They danced all night and when the club closed, they sat up until 5.30 am just talking.

Kelly left feeling the tingle on her lips and butterflies in her stomach and the fluttering feeling “what if…” but she put the idea out of her mind. They had both just come out of relationships and it could be the last time she ever sees him.

Just days later Derek calls her:

"I love you! I never stopped loving you, I thought about you throughout the 10 years and I don't want to lose you again."

5 years later Kelly bought one of our star maps to celebrate the night that the universe brought them together again.

Now you have met Kelly, let's see how she's doing!

  1. What made you choose the date for your Star Map?

Though We have known each other since I was 12 we hadn't seen each other in 10 years. It was our first date since we lost touch. Seeing him for the first time in 10 years was literally the meaning of love at first sight. We have been inseparable ever since.

  1. What has your relationship taught you?

That being in a relationship really is about partnership and team work it has to be about each other but also loving yourself. It is important to listen to each other communicate, show empathy and compassion.

You really have to be committed to trying to understand your partner and being there for each other, learning to forgive when times are not ideal. And most importantly I learned that he really is my best friend.

  1. Do you have any advice for young women (or men) who are silently suffering in abusive relationships?

It is never ok to let someone hurt you love doesn't hurt. There is hope there is better out there for you. At times we often think we are not good enough or think how will I be able to be on my own, or how am I going to get through this.

There are so many supports out there to help you, many that are discreet and can help you. You are not alone and there is a way out. Life has so many beautiful things to offer, you deserve so much more don't give up.

  1. Did you ever think, even for a moment, when you saw who that friend request was from that it could be from your future life partner?

Never. It was so long since we had seen or talked to each other. But I will never forget the feeling when I saw the friend request. My heart dropped I was so scared but excited after all he was my high school crush. Just saying his name made me blush.

  1. Can you remember any of the songs that you were posting on Facebook during those days?

Ed Sheeran (Thinking out loud), Wiz Khalifa (promises) and Ed Sheeran (perfect).

  1. Are you the same couple that stayed up talking under the stars until 05-30 am that night?

Yes - the first date I was out till 530am just sitting in his car talking and reminiscing about the past.

  1. Can you share what you think is most special about your partner?

I'd have to say what I think is most special about him is the way we connect. I have never felt like this about anyone.

  1. When was the last time you went stargazing?

I believe it was in October I was looking for the constellation Pegasus.

  1. Do you live by a motto?

Try anything once, and treat others how you want to be treated.

  1. Where do you keep your Star Map?

We are redoing doing the house so it has been put away safely till we are done. But usually is hanging up in our room. I also put together a tattoo, and put some of the star constellations from that night in it.
The star maps are such an Amazing gift an idea there so many have asked about it and where I got it.

  1. What three words would you use to describe your family?

Big, busy and loving.

  1. How will you celebrate your next Anniversary?

He actually rented a cabin for us! We love hiking, the woods and exploring - it will be a nice get away.

Thank you Kelly for sharing your beautiful and inspiring story with us. You sound like a strong woman and survivor and we hope the love of the last 5 years has made up for the pain before.

You and Derek truly were written in the stars and it sounds like there was no escaping your constellation!

We’re so happy for you both and honored that our star map helped tell your story.

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