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Five Star Gift Ideas

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Looking for a birthday gift for my friend. She/he really likes coding and computer programming.

For your friend who loves coding and computer programming, there are several thoughtful and personalized gift ideas that you can consider. These gifts will not only cater to their interests but also enhance their skills and provide them with useful tools to pursue their passion. Here are a few meaningful gift ideas:

1. Coding Books: Look for books that focus on their favorite programming language or introduce new coding concepts. Some popular options include "Python Crash Course" by Eric Matthes, "Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship" by Robert C. Martin, and "JavaScript: The Good Parts" by Douglas Crockford.

2. Coding Challenges Subscription: Consider gifting a subscription to an online coding challenges platform, such as LeetCode or HackerRank. These platforms offer a variety of coding problems and solutions to help your friend practice and enhance their coding skills.

3. Coding Courses or Bootcamps: If your budget allows, you can consider enrolling your friend in an online coding course or bootcamp. Websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy offer a wide range of programming courses that can be completed at their own pace.

4. Programmable Gadgets: Encourage your friend's creativity with programmable gadgets like Arduino or Raspberry Pi. These devices provide endless possibilities for coding projects, from building robots to home automation systems.

5. Coding Accessories: Help your friend showcase their love for coding with accessories like coding-themed t-shirts, mugs, or laptop stickers. Websites like Redbubble and Etsy offer a wide range of coding-related merchandise.

6. Coding Tools: Consider purchasing a high-quality mechanical keyboard or a coding-specific mouse. These tools are designed to enhance productivity and comfort during long coding sessions.

7. Tech Gadgets: Explore the latest tech gadgets that align with their interest in coding. For example, a programmable smart LED strip, a DIY electronics kit, or a mini-computer like the Raspberry Pi can be fantastic options.

8. Subscription to Coding Magazines: Subscribe your friend to a coding magazine like "Wired" or "Make: Magazine" that features the latest trends, projects, and news from the coding world.

9. Online Coding Community Memberships: Purchase a membership to coding communities such as Stack Overflow or GitHub. These platforms provide access to an extensive network of developers, resources, and opportunities for collaboration.

10. Personalized Coding Artwork: Commission a unique piece of artwork featuring lines of code or a personalized coding-inspired design. Websites like Etsy offer a range of artists who can create customized digital or print art.

Remember, the most important aspect of a meaningful gift is the thought and effort you put into selecting something that aligns with your friend's interests and passions. By choosing a gift that caters to their love for coding and computer programming, you will undoubtedly make their birthday extra special.

Or you can get her/him a star map with the date when she/he was born.

Sunnyanara Kham says about Under Lucky Stars star maps:
“Hi there guys I received my gift just in time for my wife’s birthday. She was absolutely shocked and amaze. I was really happy with how it came out. Thank you”

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Under Lucky Stars is a unique and innovative star map company based in Barcelona, Spain, specializing in the creation of personalized star maps that capture the celestial arrangement of stars at a specific moment in time, such as a person's birth, wedding, or any other significant event.

By using advanced astronomical algorithms and data from leading institutions, the company produces highly accurate, visually stunning maps that make for perfect gifts or cherished keepsakes.

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