15 Romantic Ideas For Interior Design And Bedroom Décor

Not everyone can bear living in a white walled bedroom which looks and feels boring. But never fear! You can always add a subtle touch of style and decoration to make your bedroom look romantic.
Romance isn't just for the gooey hearted rom com lovers. Deep down, we all have our sensitive side - it is just a bit deeper in some of us! If you are looking to make your bedroom more romantic, here are some of the best ideas that will work like a charm.

1. No Distractions

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To make your bedroom more private, intimate and romantic, simply take out those modern inconveniences like smartphones and televisions. Why not make a rule of leaving your smartphone charging in the room next door? That way there's no finger hovering for the next facebook notification or receiving unwelcome work mail right before you go to sleep. This will help eliminate distractions in your love life, and you two can focus on each other.

2. Use The Right Decoration

The décor used in your bedroom has a great impact on your mood and quality of your sleep. That is why you will need to minimize the unnecessary decorations in your bedroom, and go with subtle additions that personalize your sleeping space.
By using the things you like to decorate the room, you will be helping to give it a certain character and feel of yourself. You should decorate your room in such a way that it breathes out your persona and history with your soulmate.

3. Interior perfume

There are lots of great scents that you can choose from. But since choosing a scent is a highly subjective thing, we will leave that up to you to choose the scent that both of you love. There are lots of modern oil diffusers which can provide your room’s air with a perfect quantity of the scent. You can also choose scented candles to get both a good fagrant smell and lighting. But be careful when using them at night! Some scents can have hypnotizing effects on couples. You can also choose a magical scent that seems to work for you. The right heady combination could either get you into a sleepy state or inspire some late night chats.

4. Use Appropriate Lighting

Having one big light in your room is not going to help in creating a romantic environment at all. Noone feels their best on the surgery table. Ideally, you will want a soft light source like candles. You can also replace candles with some lamps. Adjustable lamps with settings on beige tan or off-white usually work perfectly.

Keep in mind that harsh and overly bright lighting does not help, so, use soft lighting solutions for the best results.

5. Use The Color Trick

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Restaurants and hotels have long figured out the best colors that work to optimize the mental state of their customers. The same trick can work for you as well. But you do not want to use restaurant colors in your bedroom, instead, find some romantic combinations online and get your walls painted accordingly.

There are lots of romantic bedroom color combinations that you can find on platforms like Pinterest and on some relevant websites. Using the right color combinations has been shown to have an impact on your mood. Use this to your benefit and make your room romantic.

6. Music Goes A Long Way

This has slowly become my favorite part of my home.

For a casual romantic night with your partner, music might look too cliché. It is easy to forget the importance of music in our love life. Although using music to make your room romantic is a must, this should not be a subwoofer. A small music player will do in most cases.

Music can improve your mood in any situation no matter how intense you might be feeling at a particular night. Do not let your mood kill the romance and enjoy your favorite music to make the bedroom more romantic.

7. Frame A Star Map For Your Interior/Bedroom

Colorful galaxy

There can be nothing more romantic than actually spending your time to make a stunning star map as a gift for your partner and hanging it in the bedroom for enhanced mood and personalization of the space.
You can get all types of star maps for any night and location. A personalized star map can be one of the most memorable gifts that you can give to your partner on anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day. These framed romantic star maps can be hung anywhere in your house, but your bedroom will be the next place to hang them, as they will keep reminding you of your special night. Design yours here and we'll bring it right to your door!

8. Use The Red Color Correctly

Romance, life and Valentine’s Day all have one color in common, and that is Red. It is one of the best colors to use in your bedroom, but it can be a bit harder to play around with as it is bold. But if you do the red color right, it can work greatly in the interior of your house, especially in your bedroom.

Yes, this color is unconventional, but so is romance and love. This color resonates with romantic mood and a great romantic time with your partner. But be careful when using the color red in your bedroom, as it will need to be balanced perfectly.

9. Add Some Subtle Items

Living Bedroom

You can also add some old subtle items in your house in order to travel back to the past. Antiques can work best in this scenario. Even if you do not like the old vintage look, you can always opt for some pieces of classic and rustic items to add a subtle touch to your bedroom.

Add subtle items like vintage lights, blush shades and other standard things to make your bedroom romantic and perfect for both of you!

10. Use Contrasts

Using contrasts with every item in your room can work perfectly to make your room look fantastic and attractive. When it comes to using contrasts with every item, opposites always attract, and this creates a dynamic space that looks and feels perfect.
You can choose any texture and color combination off of the internet. Browse on platforms like Pinterest for the best free ideas. However, you can also hire an experienced interior designer to get the job done perfectly. These contrasting designs and colors will have your interior look clean and picture perfect.

11. Don’t Overkill

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While popping colors can go a long way in making your bedroom romantic, you should also try not to overpower the interior, as this can also kill the mood. Try to keep the color palette classic and light most of the time. You can either use the most famous combinations, or go extra ordinary and try something new.

When you have lighter colors in the background, you are free to use darker shades in the foreground to make your room perfect. This makes the accessory options unlimited for you, and you are basically free to choose from whatever you like, as long as it enhances the romantic side of your bedroom.

12. Make A Cosy Corner

Cozy bedroom in grey: Light, elegant and timeless
The very idea of having a cosy corner in your house is romantic in itself. These are the places which allow you to sit back and relax after a busy day at work. You can read books, watch movies, and even sit with your firings for a little chit chat in this hideaway.
So, having one of these in your bedroom or house is a must. Everyone deserves a cosy corner after facing a regular tiring work day.

13. Add Great Finishing Touches

hygge bedroom

After doing all the decorative work, adding some finishing touches to the mix can make your room look perfect and complete from every aspect. After choosing and implementing the style for your room, you have to add some relevant accessories for a good finishing touch. A finishing touch can either make or break your romantic room’s look and feel.

Just like bars and restaurants that do different things to perfect their interior, you also need the right accessories to complete your romantic setup. Making the right accessory pairs can also go a long way in decorating your bedroom.

14. Use Art To Let Your Feelings Out

Loft bedroom in Tribeca

Nothing works better in enhancing your romantic feelings than a great piece of art that both of you like. You can gift your partner a unique piece of art that they love. That piece can later be used to decorate your bedroom. When you give art to your partner, it shows that you love them and care for them.

However, keep in mind that art is a highly subjective thing, the liking for art varies from person to person. So, choose the art piece wisely if you are going to gift it.

15. Try Changing The Bedding

After decorating the whole bedroom, it all comes down to the comfort that you too will be sleeping in. You can choose top quality bedding materials in order to make your night more comfortable. Your overall health also depends on the quality of materials you sleep in. It's all about that Egyptian Cotton!

Use fluffy pillows for maximum comfort, and invest in a good quality mattress that will provide you with the comfort you deserve after a busy day. Try memory foam pillows, or heat resistant sheets. All these things would automatically translate into a romantic environment inside your bedroom. This is how you improve your bedroom step by step.

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