14 Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Anniversary

Anniversaries come and go so quickly that they often end up looking the same every year. With time passing so quickly, it is always difficult to make every anniversary unique and different from the last one.

While every wedding anniversary should be celebrated uniquely, you do not necessarily need an expensive setup to realize your dream of a perfect and memorable anniversary.

No matter what anniversary you are going to celebrate this year, here are some of the affordable and unique wedding anniversary ideas that you can use to make this anniversary memorable.

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1 - Renew The Vows

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If you have been married for around 15 to 20 years or more, you could renew your wedding vows to make this wedding anniversary unique and memorable. This is not recommended if you have been married for just 3 to 4 years. This anniversary theme would work the best to celebrate milestones like 20, 25, and 30 years of marriage.

So, if you want to feel the same joy as your wedding day, maybe you and your partner should renew your wedding day vows once again to refresh your relationship.

2 - Give Back To A Charitable Cause You Both Like

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We know that anniversaries are about connecting to each other and look back to the wedding day when you and your partner met. But this day is more about giving back to the people in need and connecting with the community. If there is a charitable cause that you and your partner both like, you can dedicate a day to that cause and give back to your community.

Even if you both do not have a common charitable cause preference, you can dedicate one day for each and try to understand the spirit.

3 - Plan A Unique Vacation

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Well, in an ideal scenario, you and your partner would pack everything up and go on a long, exciting and luxury vacation without any financial restraints, but unfortunately that is not the case for all of us. There are many job and financial issues that can keep us away from a perfect vacation that we all dream of on every anniversary.

However, it still means a lot when you both decide to escape from your daily routine and spend some quality time in any vacation spot you can afford. You can even do a long drive on a weekend and plan a short trip. This in itself will be memorable for both of you.

4 - Spend Some Time With Friends And Family

While anniversaries are majorly a personal thing for many couples, many of them like to spend their anniversary chilling with friends and family. If you are a busy person and hardly ever spend time with your friends and family, maybe you can use this special day to spend some time with them and refresh the relationship with all of your loved ones.

You can select a certain time that only two of you would celebrate, and then arrange a get together and invite all the close friends and family members to make your special day even better and memorable.

5 - Remake Your First Date

This is one of the best ideas for the couples that have some work to do on their relationship to restore it on its original shape and form. After all, you should always remember what brought the two of you together in the first place.

This can be easily done by remaking your first date. However, if the restaurant/ place is closed now, you can do something similar and close to your first official date. When you both are finally together at the place of your first date, try remembering the thing that made you fall in love with your partner. This always helps a lot in restoring your relationship in its original form especially if both of you are going through some hard times.

6 - Gift A Star Map


This is a great idea as well if you want to make your wedding anniversary special and memorable. You can gift your partner a personalized star map of the night sky on your anniversary day. This is not only romantic, but is affordable and effective as well.

Getting a romantic star map made is now easier than ever. There are various online services that allow you to put in the right date, time, and coordinates of the desired location to get a star map. You can also get the map printed, framed and delivered to your location quickly. This does not cost a lot of money, but it will be memorable for years to come. You can also do this every year, and make a collection of the star maps of your wedding anniversary nights.

7 - Learn Something New Together

If you want to spend some creative time with your partner that would help both of you as well, try learning a new thing/skill with your partner. Learn a skill that you have no idea of, and is out of your comfort zone.

You can also do simple tasks like building/assembling furniture or cooking together. This way, both of you can spend some quality time together, learn a new thing, and make your relationship and coordination even deeper.

8 - Recreate A Memorable Photo

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Recreating old photos can be a fun activity to spend your anniversary time together. This is a trendy thing these days as well. This is a really romantic way of remembering your good past times spent together.

If both of you like a photograph, and have a story associated with it, then you should probably recreate that scene and live in the past for a while. This can keep the spark in your relationship up and running. You both can also write each others love letters. It is about doing the thing that both of you like, so, go ahead and have fun.

9 - Do Nothing

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Well, this might look like a strange idea, but it is the perfect thing to do for some couples, and especially the super busy ones who hardly get any time together. They can easily disconnect from their daily routine and world to enjoy the free anniversary time together.

Turn off all the phones and computers and watch movies, play games and do other interesting things together for a whole day. This might be the best thing that you can provide your partner with. Keeping the wedding anniversary theme light usually works the best.

10 - Do A Hard/Exciting Activity Together

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For the couples who complain about their relationships going cold and stale, they can recover it by doing an adrenaline inducing activity together. Choose a hard to do and daring activity that both of you have never done together ever before.

New experiences are always memorable, and they allow you to look back and cherish the quality time you spent with your partner in good times.

11 - A Scavenger Hunt Will Do As Well

If you have small children in your family, you can do a scavenger hunt together on your wedding anniversary day. This is a great and family friendly way of providing your kids with something exciting to do.

If you want to spend the anniversary night with just your partner, you can leave the kids with a babysitter. You can arrange this scavenger hunt for the following day. You can make a map and take your kids to memorable places like your wedding place, first date place and so on. This will help them learn how they can value their future relationships. So, this can be used as a perfect time to groom your children and teach them new life lessons as well.

12 - Spend A Night Gaming

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This suggestion is specifically for the gamer couples. If you both love playing games but do not get enough time in your post-marriage life to set down and play together, then you both can do a gaming night together.

You can make it interesting by keeping the count of who is winning the most. Remember that this does not need to be a standalone plan for your whole wedding anniversary day, rather, you can do this after completing your other plans for the special day.

13 - Bake An Anniversary Cake Together

Making a wedding anniversary cake is less about perfecting the taste, and more about spending some quality time together. You can start your anniversary day by doing this, and plan other things for the rest of the as well.

Baking together also promotes cooperation and mutual understanding. Both of you would definitely love doing this together.

14 - Set Relationship Goals For The Next Year

What are your goals in life?

On every anniversary, you can sit down with your partner and set relationship goals for the next year. This can be a perfect time to review the things you both did wrong in the last year, and try to fix them in the year ahead of you.

This is a practice that every couple needs to do in order to improve their relationship with time. This is the true meaning of celebrating your wedding anniversary.

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