Are you reading the wrong daily horoscope?

Aries are known for being courageous, confident, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Just knowing that you’re an Aries must give you a boost of confidence. But what if it turns out you’re not an Aries but a Pisces instead? Does that explain your selfless, empathic personality? Some people don’t always recognise themselves in the character traits given to certain zodiac signs, and for good reason. That’s because it’s very likely that you are not the star sign that you have always believed to be.

The word zodiac means the division of a circle in 12 sections of 30 degrees each. These represent the celestial longitude along the solar eclipse. In other words, they follow the path of the sun. Zodiac signs have been around for a long, long time. The basic concepts of the star signs date back to 400 BC. Ancient Babylonian astronomers already linked birth charts to certain character traits. But every star in the sky is a moving object. Because of this, star signs are no longer in the same place as they were when the zodiacs were created all those years ago.

What is your correct star sign?

So what does this mean for you? According to modern astronomy, the constellations have moved significantly. Also, the sky has shifted because the Earth’s axis doesn’t point in the same direction anymore. The North Pole is moving ever so slightly. So much so, that a star map today looks very different than the ancient star charts. Below you’ll find a list of what the known zodiac dates would be if the star signs were created today.

Dec 17 - Jan 20: Sagittarius
Jan 21 - Feb 16: Capricorn
Feb 17 - Mar 11: Aquarius
Mar 12 - Apr 18: Pisces
Apr 19 - May 13: Aries
May 14 - Jun 21: Taurus
Jun 22 - Jul 20 : Gemini
Jul 21 - Aug 10: Cancer
Aug 11 - Sep 16: Leo
Sep 17 - Oct 30: Virgo
Oct 31 - Nov 23: Libra
Nov 24 - Nov 29: Scorpio

There’s another zodiac sign on the star map

As you can see, it has become very hard to be a cool and calm Scorpio. According to today’s solar path there are only 6 days in which Scorpio’s star sign is represented in the solar path. So yes Scorpio, you are rather special! But what if you were born between November 29th and December 17th? What zodiac sign do you belong to then? Modern astrology says these dates should be assigned to a 13th constellation called Ophiuchus, which is Greek for Serpent bearer. Located between Scorpius to the west and Sagittarius to the east, you can find Ophiuchus in the northwestern part of the center of the Milky Way.

constellation 13 - Ophiuchus

What does this mean to your horoscope?

While it is nice to know what your new zodiac sign is, it leaves us with a few questions. Does this mean you now have different character traits? Or do these traits move along with your star sign? And what about our new friend Ophiuchus? What personality do people with this horoscope sign have? While we don’t write horoscopes ourselves, it’s pretty clear that astrology still has a lot of work in store in the near future.

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