Best sentimental gifts for friends to surprise them

Having a good friend (or a bunch of them) has countless benefits in our lives. Good friends relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, prevent loneliness and isolation, and they can even improve your physical health. A really good friend is a real treasure we need to look after and never take for granted.

If your friends’ birthdays or any other special occasion are approaching, it is time you show them you truly care with a sentimental gift that shows you have spent some time and dedication to surprise them and make them happy. Don’t stress though, we are here to help you out!

Special gifts for friends

A unique star map to commemorate a special moment

Do you want to surprise your friends with something truly original and unique that they would never expect? Then we have the perfect gift idea! Did you know it was possible to freeze in time the night sky of a special date or milestone in your life? And that you could do this at any point in time, even decades later? Well, this is exactly what Under Lucky Stars provides.
Based on Yale University's Bright Star Catalog, an archive that lists all stars of stellar magnitude 6.5 or brighter (which is basically every star visible to the naked eye from Earth), Under Lucky Stars generates astronomically verified star maps that accurately reflect how the sky looked at a specific time and location.

You have many options to choose from: a star map of their birthday, of their wedding day if they’re married, of the day their sons/daughters were born if they have them… Possibilities are endless! Each map is unique and made on-demand and the design is customizable, you can personalize it completely by adding your own title a and footnote. No matter which one you choose, it will surely look great hanging on your friends’ wall!

A photo album of our friendship

Who prints photos nowadays? Nearly anybody, and it is a shame as it is a nice souvenir. Surprise your friends with a nice photo book that contains a timeline of your friendship including all the highlights and special moments. Design it online and then order a printed copy with a nice and elegant cover. Ask to be sent directly to their homes, and the surprise is granted! A truly sentimental gift any good friend would love to receive!

Tickets for a big event

Sometimes sharing quality time together is the best gift. Why don’t you treat your friends with two tickets to watch something they really like? From a rock concert, to a football match, a cooking class … Whatever they fancy! The important thing is that you will be sharing a special day with them that they will always remember!

A matching piece of jewelry

It could be a watch, a bracelet, a pair of earrings… What it is key is that they are twin pieces, so one is for you and the other one is for your friend. You could also add an engraved message to make it more personal and sentimental: an important date, each other’s names… Even some inside joke/reference! The important thing is that is relevant for you guys. Your friends will surely be moved by such a personal and customized gift!

A custom-made phone case

Are your friends all the time on their phones? Playing games, checking their social media, chatting? If the answer is yes, we have another truly unique gift idea for someone so attached to their phones, that combines functionality and symbolism: a phone case, but not just a random one.
Under Lucky Stars offer custom-made phone cases with the beautiful star maps we mentioned earlier. As with the regular maps, choose a significant date and the star map of that night will be printed on the case. Itis the kind of gift that your friends can use every day, so they’ll love it!

And remember, no sentimental gift is complete without a card expressing your best wishes. We hope this helped, good luck with the gift hunting!

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