Gifts for parents they will always remember

Your parents are, along with your sons and daughters if you have them, the most important people in your life. They would literally do anything for you and whatever it takes to make you happy.
So, when a special occasion arises, like their birthdays or their wedding anniversary, it is time to show them your gratitude and appreciation with a special gift they won’t forget.

Special gifts for parents

A unique star map to commemorate a special moment

Do you want to surprise your parents with something really original and unique? We have the perfect gift idea! Did you know it was possible to freeze in time the night sky of a special date or milestone in your life? And that you could do this at any point in time, even decades later? Well, this is exactly what Under Lucky Stars provides.

Based on an archive that lists all stars of stellar magnitude 6.5 or brighter (which is basically every star visible to the naked eye from Earth), Yale University's Bright Star Catalog, Under Lucky Stars generates astronomically verified star maps that reflect with maximum precision how the sky looked at a specific time and location.

Don’t you think it would be the perfect gift for your parents? You have many options to choose from: a star map of their wedding anniversary, their birthdays, the day you or your siblings were born… Possibilities are endless! Each map is unique and made on-demand and the design is customizable, you can personalize it completely by adding your own title a and footnote. No matter which one you choose, it will surely look great hanging on your parent’s wall!

A romantic dinner

Treat your parents to a nice dinner out in a romantic restaurant, they will love it! Choose a place a bit more expensive than the ones they would normally go, and make sure it has a quaint atmosphere and candlelight. Tell them not to make any plans and to be dressed up in an elegant attire at a certain hour, then a taxi will be waiting for them to take them to their surprise destination!

A TV series box set

Because few things bond more and are more enjoyable than watching a good series together. Pick up something according to their likes that also has good reviews and critics. Could be something current or something from the past, that they might have even watched before but that they would be pleased to revisit. Your parents will really appreciate all these hours of fun and entertainment ahead!

A family trip

This will be specially appreciated if you or your siblings don’t live under your parents’ roof anymore. Find a weekend when you are all free (this can be a struggle, we know, but you can do it!) and prepare a little escapade. It doesn’t need to be somewhere far away or to involve a plane, you can just rent a rural house in the middle of the countryside or a nice apartment by the beach, the important thing is that you will be spending some quality family time together! We are sure this would be a weekend your parents won’t easily forget!

A custom-made phone case

To finish, we have another truly unique gift idea for someone so attached to his phone, that combines functionality and symbolism: a phone case, but not just a random one.

Under Lucky Stars offer custom-made phone cases with the beautiful star maps we mentioned earlier. As with the regular maps, choose a significant date and the star map of that night will be printed on the case. It is the kind of gift that your parents will love and that they can use every day.

We hope this helped, good luck with the gift hunting!

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