I love you to the moon and back: The perfect gift

So you have been dating this special person for a while and you are madly in love with each other. And then an important occasion arises: their first birthday, for example. You want to arrange a really unforgettable date and also gift them with something that is truly different and unique, something that says I have been thinking of you and really want to surprise you.

But let’s focus on the date first: a romantic dinner might sound cliché, but seriously, who doesn’t like it? Book in a place where the food is obviously good, but that also has a nice atmosphere, the environment is equally important! You are treating, of course, so pick somewhere which is a bit more expensive than the places you would normally go. It’s a special occasion, after all!

Tell your partner to wear their best clothes and pick him/her up without revealing where you are headed. If your couple is adventurous and like to try new flavors, a tasting menu would be perfect. As an extra detail, you could ask the waiter to add a candle in the dessert, even better if it’s a cake. No singing though please, especially if your partner is not the biggest extrovert!

After dinner, it’s time for a drink. We are not suggesting going to a disco, no worries! But a nice cocktail in a quaint café or in a rooftop overlooking town if the weather allows, would be perfect.

Another option is taking them to a concert of a band the really like instead. Or to the theater, or to a sports game. The important thing it’s that it must be something they are dying to see.

In a totally different scenario, if you have a bigger budget and more spare time, you can surprise them with a mini-trip, a couple of nights for example. From a nearby town within a couple of hours driving distance, to a different estate or country reachable within a short flight by plane. Just tell them to pack a small suitcase and not forget their passport!

The perfect gift

So, let’s go back to the gift now! You must take this seriously, as coming up with some generic present such as a perfume or a pajama could make them think that you haven’t put much of an effort or, even worst, that you don’t really know them. To avoid disappointments, we have a couple of ideas that they won’t expect and that we are sure they would love:

A unique map of the stars

Maybe you didn’t know, but now it is possible to freeze in time the night sky of a special date or milestone in your life, even decades later. Under Lucky Stars provides amazing customized star maps that accurately reflect how the sky looked at a specific time and location, based on Yale University's Bright Star Catalog, an archive that lists all stars of stellar magnitude 6.5 or brighter (in other words, pretty much every star visible to the naked eye from Earth).

There are many options to choose from: a star map of their birthday, the day you first met, your anniversary... The design is customizable, and you can completely personalize it by adding your own title and footnote.

We are sure your significant other won’t be disappointed!

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