5* Design ideas for where to hang your star map!

Creating a star map is easy as apple pie. You choose the special moment and the date – and we do the rest for you!

The hard part comes later. The map arrives, you have that special moment. Did you plan a surprise gifting with your loved one? Maybe you had the map rolled up and carefully hidden in a corner of the room. You put the champagne on ice, pour out your heart to your loved one. Maybe it isn’t romantic love. Many people buy star maps for their children, brothers and sisters, or cherished friends. Perhaps you prefer to commemorate a unique date in history?

Either way, when the bubbles are finished and the hugs are over, the big question remains.

Where are you going to hang your star map?

Zimbali Coastal Resort

This is not an easy question to answer. If you have a cozy studio flat, space and light are key. You need to be very careful about not crowding those precious white walls to keep continuity throughout your home. If you have an eye for interior design and your city apartment is straight out of the pages of a glossy magazine, then you certainly can’t simply put the map on any old wall.

Flow is key. Symbolism plays an important role.

The star map is not a vintage mariners map or abstract painting. You are in the map. The stars tell your story. The night sky represents the date you chose to immortalize in the stars.

Do you hang it where friends and family can admire it and share the moment? Or will you choose a more intimate or romantic spot?

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Statement showpiece

Your living room could comfortable house a large African elephant, and you have meters of wall space as far as the eye can see. Well, let’s just say you’re not short on space! If you have plumped for the biggest, framed personalized star map and you have the space to boot, then flaunt it!

The bold but classic design is the global favorite for a reason. Stark black on white, it is the epitomy of chic. Think Coco Chanel, vintage chess boards or the Metropolitan museum opening night. A stylish depiction of the night sky, with the combination of astronomical map reading symbols and the pinpricks of light representing stars – what stunning showpiece to any living room!

Above the sofa is a fantastic choice. Many of our customers have chosen to combine the star map with arty frames. You could position a fresh green spider plant or a framed photograph. A frame within a frame!

Go for the black frame to set off the monochrome design. Sleek, dramatic and the perfect mixture of symbolic and stylish. Impress your guests with your great eye for interior design and surprise them with the backstory!

A star is born

Not all star maps are for loved-up couples. Although they do make a one-of-a-kind anniversary gift! Many besotted moms and dads like to hang a star map above their children’s beds. Not that you would ever forget the day your baby was born – but what better decoration for the inside of their nursery than a map of the sky the night they came into this world? The peaceful baby slumber as they dream under the stars.

Happy moments for happy places

Where do you spend most of your time? There may be the odd sleepy dormouse, or couch potato reading this, but I would bet my bottom dollar that most of us spend most of our home time in the kitchen! It’s called the heart of the home for the reason. Why not display your heart on your kitchen sleeve?

Hanging your star map in your kitchen makes a beautiful statement. It says you put family first, you want to shout your love loud and proud, and this is a story you want to be reminded of every day. Also, it makes an eye-candy addition to your kitchen!

For the kitchen look, we recommend going full rustic. Try the white on white design for a cool backdrop to a busy kitchen wall. A medium size guarantees you won’t be crowding your cooking space. Also, the warm wooden frame will add a splash of Tuscan vibes.

Why all the hanging around?

Scandinavian style

So, you’ve chosen the perfect moment, inscription and color combination. You’ve thought carefully about the frame – does the color of the wood complement the furniture? Perhaps the heavy black would be too dominating in a mostly white room? Where will you hang it...or will you hang it?

More and more “radical” interior designers are choosing to frame their maps – but display them as you would a cherished family photo. Think: balanced against the shelf of knickknacks. Or on the lintel running around your bedroom wall. Perhaps on a windowsill that allows a gentle breeze from the garden to drift inside.

You will be limited to the smaller sizes if you make this choice. It works for all rooms and all styles, however. We frame photos of faces which change with the years. Why not frame a moment which will be eternally meaningful?

Double trouble

I have always found myself holding onto my past. Be it my mistakes, choices, childhood memories - good and bad ones, regrets, words that have been spoken to me, and so on. I think looking back with joy is a good thing, but holding on to everything while trying to move forward is not so good. I came to terms that I need to accept my past and let it go while smiling towards what’s ahead, after all, “better things are yet to come” - C.S. Lewis

Why get one map when you could get two? No, this is not marketing speak. Many of our customers have chosen to design not one but two-night sky posters. Oftentimes, one of these will be a full-blown wall poster complemented with a mini version. One for the living room, one for the boudoir? Not suprisingly, they are better together.

Functional fantastic

It is amazing what you can repurpose things for. The clips for hanging curtains work great for artwork and notes in my home office!

Art doesn’t have to please the eyes only. Your unique star map can be both a feast for your visual senses and also serve a handy practical purpose! Some happy customers were inspired by their maps and chose less conventional places. Try hanging your star map next to the front door and you can position your key rack just below. Reach fo the stars every time you go outside!

Sleep under the stars

Why use a wall when you could use the ceiling? If you love those warm summer evenings when you sleep under the velvet sky and watch those twinkling constellations, then why not pin your very own star map above your bed? Then you can sleep under the stars every night.

Tip: If you go for this option, skip the frame! The easiest way to do it would just be to add a generous dollop of sticky stuff to each of the four corners and hold it up that way.

Intimate chic

We’ve saved the best until last because it is the obvious choice for a reason. Most of our star maps commemorate a romantic occasion. It could be the day you fell in love with your other half. Or the fateful first date that brought you together forever. Perhaps it is the night of your wedding, or when your decided to tie the knot and get engaged?

For a star maps that depicts a special, intimate moment between you two, what better place to keep it but in your own bedroom? Above the bed or along a wall where – even better – you can see it from your bed? A stylish extra to the bedroom choice is to position it above a running bookcase. This means you get to glance up at your very own starstruck story while perusing your library. Also it adds a splash of color and style to the bedroom, whose décor we are guilty of neglecting!

Do you need to visualize it? These are some descriptions of maps whose designs and location simply blew us away. Click here to see all the designs and samples on our homepage.

Midnight blue style in white frame, underneath bookshelf

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a stargazer? Look no further! These custom-made star maps are not only delightful to look at but amazingly accurate too! These are no random, artistically drawn constellations but the result of a NASA-verified algorithm with 100% accuracy. You choose the time, place and date of one secret moment - when you met your special someone, when a star was born - and let the algorithm do the rest! That wonderful date will be forever frozen forever - framed by the stars. That telescope in the corner will be put to good use with the inspiration of these stars to find!

The Day We Met — /pair-of-birthday-maps

Sometimes one gift just doesn't cut it! Imagine getting the perfect present - twice! One lucky lady got not one, but two of these gorgeous star maps. You only turn 30 once! One map is titled: "The Day We Met" and shows the starry night sky on one special date. She must have received it from one special person! Not only that, but they went to all the trouble to artfully wrap it in red ribbon, and say "HAPPY 30'S BDAY BIZAV, I LOVE YOU" on a plaque next to the surprise gift. The other is of the stars above their place of birth at the exact moment! Each map is in the glossy black design, one in the shape of planet earth and the other in a heart. " am sure she "heart"s him/her back!

The Stars Are All Watching — /midnight-blue-star-map

No photo does justice to a perfect moment, but the stars sure do a great job! This personalized art print allows you to commemorate one special date in the starry night sky. Choose your personal message, and see what the stars looked like on one day to remember forever. This star map is in a vivid and electrifying midnight blue. The combination of black, rich blue and violet gives a stunning image of the constellations against a backdrop of the cosmos beyond. What a perfect gift to a wonderful partner or friend. The map is mounted in a black frame, and ready to hang proudly from your bedroom, living room or kitchen wall. Imagine the look on their face when they open this present?

Star map of the day we were married — /marriage-star-map

Jake and Bethany have the perfect memento to remember the day they got married. We love the title they went for, saying their marriage was the day they were "established" - and it's true! Feel free to use the same idea for your star map, or come up with your own. They also chose an all-white design. This means the star map itself is white and the frame too. This gives it a real feeling of purity and sanctity. You can play with the colors and make it how you like. You can also change the border style around the stars themselves. Jake and Bethany went for a simple, classic circular design but new designs are being added all the time so you can find the one which suits your occasion. To the happy couple!

A lifetime of memories — /when-we-were-married

This happy couple got married on July 8th, 1999 and they wanted to find a way to celebrate this special day. Our personalized star map turned out to be the ideal gift and it lifts perfectly amongst all the beautiful decor of their home. The star maps are available in lots colours and shapes to fit the mood and your home. This blue circle design with a white surround and wooden frame looks stunning!

Under the Stars — /baby-under-personalized-star-map

You'll never forget the night your baby was born - right? Sometimes even the most special moments can fade with time. But this map will keep your memory forever fresh. On the most important night of adorable Leonardo's life, the night he was born. It shows his date of birth, the exact time and the place where those little eyes first opened on the world. What an enchanting addition to his new nursery, those stars shining down on his crib. His delighted parents chose the famous black on white design, which will look stunning against the white walls in their home. Welcome to the World Leonardo!

Where better for inspiration, than the tried and tested examples? Here’s the best of the bunch of gorgeous star maps all around the world.

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