International Happiness Day

Have you heard the Story of the Mexican Fisherman? I’ll sum it up for you.

An American businessman is on holiday in Mexico. While walking on the beach, he meets a solitary Mexican fisherman who is filling his boat with some beautiful yellowfin tuna he has just caught. The American was impressed at his haul and was surprised to see him leaving already – “Why not stay and catch more fish”?

The Mexican replied that it was enough to feed his family, and when asked how he would spend the rest of his time he replied:

I sleep in late. I play with my kids. I have a siesta with my wife, and at night I play some music with my amigos.

The American businessman saw an opportunity to help, and explained to his new friend how to increase his productivity.

If you fish more, you will be able to buy a bigger boat. With a bigger boat, you can get more people to help you fish, maybe buy more boats and sell directly to the buyer and cut out the middleman. Eventually you will be able to open up your own fishing business and have an office in Mexico City, then LA and maybe one day even New York.


The fisherman asked, “But how long will this take?”, and the businessman replied: “20-25 years”.

The American businessman saved the best part for last – “Now you will be big enough to launch your company on the New York Stock Exchange. And you will be a millionaire!”.

The Mexican fisherman was still confused; “Millions – and then what?

The American smiled and said, “Well that is when your dreams comes true.

You will retire, move to a small Mexican village, where you can sleep, fish a little, play with your children, have a siesta with your wife and play some music with your amigos.

Young stylish woman on the beach Pandawa, tropical and magic island of Bali, Indonesia.

Sometimes in life, we already have what we are looking for.

It’s never too late to start doing what you love! The stars are one of the best things we have to remind us what's really important in life. They have inspired some of the greatest thinkers in history.

On that note, here are some inspirational quotations from astronomers, astronauts and fellow stargazers who love what they do:

Have a wonderful International Happiness Day from Under Lucky Stars!















We hope that wherever you are in the world and whatever you do for a living - that you are Happy. And remember, whenever life gets you down, look up! The stars are shining bright above you.

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