Celestial-Themed Bedroom Decor Tips & Ideas? Your Baby, Toddler, or Master Bedroom

It’s no surprise that here at Under Lucky Stars we are huge fans of the night sky. Stargazing is our passion. There is nothing quite so humbling and inspiring as an expanse of dark sky and sparkling stars. Any earthly problems just melt away into the infinite space beyond! But when the sky is not clear or there is too much light pollution, we need a Plan B. And what better way to express our love for the stars than to bring them right into our home!

If you love celestial decorations as much as we do, then get ready for inspiration and the following ideas to use the night sky in your bedroom decor. Bringing the starry sky into your bedroom will help you get a good nights sleep. The perfect decor for around the crib of your baby, the ceiling above your toddler's bed or all around your own master bedroom!

Without further ado,

Start with Space-Themed Bedding

Perhaps the easiest way to turn your bedroom into a home observatory is to buy a new set of sheets or a duvet with a celestial print. There are so many different designs to choose from.

Select a print that best matches your personality and interests:

  • Galaxy
  • The Milky Way
  • Constellations
  • Comets
  • The Phases of the Moon
  • Zodiac
  • Nebula
  • The Moon and the Sun

If you’re a fan of Eastern culture and teachings, you can opt for celestial bedding combined with beautiful mandalas or lotus flowers. Celestial decoration is a great way of inspiring creativity in children!

Embed a Star Map on Your Wall

Honour a special event you want to remember forever with one of our personalized star maps. It might be the day you met your significant other or the day you decided to get married.

No matter the occasion, you can immortalize it with a map of the night sky with the alignment of the stars on that special moment.

Create your own meaningful piece of celestial art in a few simple steps:

  • Select a shape and colour: dark blue, black, white, or warm red.
  • Share some details about the special moment.
  • Write a title for the map.

Leave the rest to us.

Soon you’ll be able to display a unique star map as an addition to your celestial-themed bedroom.

Start your custom star map design here.

Sleep on the Stars with Constellation Throw Pillows

Touching Stars

The next step to your sky-inspired bedroom is with cosmic throw pillows. Scatter the starry pillows on your bed or a nearby chair. Select a print that represents your astrological sign or elements from the whole galaxy.

According to Mattress Insider, if you have a hard time deciding what design to choose, opt for pillows with changeable covers. This way you’ll be able to switch between different patterns depending on your mood.

Read by the Light of the Moon

Turn your bedroom into a planetarium with a lamp that projects stars and constellations on the walls and ceiling. Go to sleep with the stars, moons and planets gently spinning around you. What better way to be rocked to sleep than by the universe itself? You can control the settings right from your nightstand, or use the shade to dim the light for a more romantic mood.

Another extraordinary addition to your bedroom is a tiny version of the Moon. This 3D printed replica can be customized by setting the colour and dim effect. We recommend choosing a warmer colour for your night lamp in order to promote the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Create your Own Night Sky

Wooden Star

Why limit yourself to the known and observed cosmos? Make your own galaxy by arranging stickers of stars and planets on the ceiling.

Some available options even glow in the dark. So if you have trouble drifting away, you can count stars instead of sheep.

Would you prefer something more stylish? Then choose a boho wall decal of the moon phases or the sun. Position it in view of the bed, then on those insomnia-plagued nights you can memorize the phases of the moon!

Get inspired by real constellations:

Spring Constellations
Summer Constellations
Autumn Constellations
Winter Constellations

Hang up Cosmic Curtains

Drapes are usually a neglected part of bedroom decor. Take this opportunity and transform something essential into an amazing statement piece. Create your own secluded space by hanging blackout curtains with celestial print. If your bedroom overlooks streetlights or you are bothered by the headlamps of passing cars some heavy black drapes will guarantee a deep and restful sleep.

See Your Star-Studded Reflection

One more decor item that can complement the celestial bedroom theme is a mirror. Choose between a mirror in the shape of a crescent moon or a larger piece with a solar frame. If you want the best for your baby or toddler, follow Montessori bedroom advice and install mirrors and furniture at baby height.

Are you a fan of DIY projects?

Then get a standard mirror of your choice and customize it with cosmic stickers. Or create an outline of small stars and dots with white paint. The sky is no longer the limit!.

If you’ve loved our ideas for cosmic bedroom decor, then spread the theme throughout your whole home with this guide: Love stargazing? Check out these simple celestial home decor ideas!

Happy decorating!

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