Original wedding gifts to surprise the bride and groom

Is one or your best friends or close relatives getting married? This is going to be one of the most important days in their life, of not the most important one, so you cannot show up with some generic gift you bought in a fancy mall, no matter how expensive it is.

Now it’s the time to show you care by investing some time and thought to find something that is really special and unique and that will make you stand out from the many cutlery, flatware and linen sets they will surely receive! But don’t worry, we are here to help you!

Special gifts for bride and groom on their most important day

A unique star map to commemorate a special moment

If you really want to surprise the bride and broom on their wedding day, you will have to choose something truly original and unique they would never expect. This can be a tricky endeavor, but don’t panic, we have the perfect gift idea! Did you know it was possible to freeze in time the night sky of a special date or milestone in your life? And that you could do this at any point in time, even decades later? Well, this is exactly what Under Lucky Stars provides.


Based on an archive that lists all stars of stellar magnitude 6.5 or brighter (which is basically every star visible to the naked eye from Earth), Yale University's Bright Star Catalog, Under Lucky Stars generates astronomically verified star maps that accurately reflect how the sky looked at a specific time and location.
Don’t you think it would be the perfect gift for the bride and broom? A star map of their wedding night! Each map is unique and made on-demand and the design is customizable, you can personalize it completely by adding your own title a and footnote. We are sure they would love it!

A good espresso machine

Few things feel better than the smell of coffee filling the house early in the morning. A true energy booster! What makes an espresso machine different from other coffee making devices, is that they produce thicker, creamier coffee with more caffeine inside. All a real coffee-lover wants! If that happens to be the case, we are sure this gift will make the bride and groom very happy!

Spa day for two

Because organizing a wedding can be quite stressing, why don’t you treat them with a day out, in a nice wellness center, where they can be pampered and looked after? We recommend choosing a nice water circuit plus a finishing massage combo! If you also add a bottle of champagne that would be simply perfect! The bride and groom would surely be happy and grateful!


A good quality set of luggage

OK, this might not be the most original gift, but it is practical and they bride and groom will surely appreciate it. A good set of luggage requests a certain investment, so this is a great chance to treat them with one. They can begin by using them for their honeymoon, so it cannot get more practical than this! This is the kind of gift that the bride and groom will be pleased to receive!


A custom-made phone case

Do you want to have a detail that combines functionality and symbolism? Then think no more! A phone case for each of them, but not just a random one! Under Lucky Stars offer custom-made phone cases with the beautiful star maps we mentioned earlier. As with the regular maps, you can choose a significant date, like their day wedding in this case, and the star map of that night will be printed on the case. The bride and groom will love it plus it is something they will use every day.


We hope this helped, good luck with the gift hunting!

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