Top 100 Name Ideas from the Universe

Looking for inspiration for a pet name, house name, nickname or even a new name for yourself? The answer may well be written in the stars! We have compiled the top 100 names of stars, planets, constellations, galaxies, you name it.

We are made of stardust and our feelings of connection with the wider universe are part of the reason our personalized star maps are so popular. Finding the right name might not just involve thinking outside of the box, but outside the planet too.

The great thing about taking a name from space is they are gender neutral: they can be used for men, women, boys and girls. They are also culturally neutral too so you can go anywhere in the world with a name from beyond the geocultural binds of Earth, and experience the universality of the universe. It goes without saying that some of the names also just sound very cool!

Top 100 Name Ideas from the Universe:

Andromeda Galaxy Andromeda Galaxy

1. Lynx (constellation)
2. Scorpius (constellation)
3. Leo (constellation)
4. Lyra (constellation)
5. Aquarius (constellation)
6. Taurus (constellation)
7. Draco (constellation)
8. Pegasus (constellation)
9. Gemini (constellation)
10. Cygnus (constellation)
11. Circinus (galaxy and constellation)
12. Andromeda (galaxy and constellation)
13. Virgo (constellation)
14. Lynx (constellation)
15. Aquila (constellation)
16. Sirius (star)
17. Epsilon (star)
18. Wolf (multpile stars)
19. Vega (star)
20. Bellatrix (star)
21. Mirzam (star)
22. Polaris (star)
23. Alsephina (star)
24. Capella (star)
25. Antares (star)
26. Castor (star)
27. Arcturus (star)
28. Canopus (star)
29. Procyon (star)
30. Regulus (star)
31. Sargas (star)
32. Achernar (star)
33. Mercury (planet)
34. Mars (planet)
35. Venus (planet)
36. Neptune (planet)
37. Pluto (dwarf planet)
38. Betelguese (star)
39. Antares (star)
40. Cygnus (star)
41. Arches (star)
42. Cephei (star)
43. Puppis (star)
44. Alnilam (star)
45. Canopus (star)
46. Velorum (star)
47. Lacertae (star)
48. Persei (star)
49. Butterfly (galaxy)
50. Comet (galaxy and comet)

My photo of the Orion Nebula was taken in my backyard in Petaluma, California. It is composed of 60 images at 60 seconds each. I stacked them all to reduce noise and bring out the amazing details you see in the nebula . I think it is one of my better images. I hope you enjoy it. I’m on IG @bryangoffphoto Stop by and say hi! The Orion Nebula

51. Needle (galaxy)
52. Sunflower (galaxy)
53. Malin (galaxy)
54. Orion (constellation)
55. Starfish (galaxy)
56. Ceres (dwarf planet)
57. Alindas (asteroid group)
58. Floras (asteroid group)
59. Koronis (asteroid group)
60. Pallas (asteroid group)
61. Vesta (asteroid group)
62. Eos (asteroid group)
63. Cybeles (asteroid group)
64. Cygni (exoplanet)
65. Upsilon (exoplanet)
66. Kepler (multiple exoplanets)
67. Alcyone (star)
68. Atlas (star)
69. Electra (star)
70. Kraz (star)
71. Kuma (star)
72. Merope (star)
73. Mira (star)
74. Propus (star)
75. Rastaban (star)
76. Sceptrum (star)
77. Zaniah (star)
78. Subra (star)
79. Rana (star)
80. Haedi (star)
81. Chara (star)
82. Aludra (star)
83. Ascella (star)
84. Arrakis (star)
85. Maia (star)
86. Diadem (star)
87. Celaeno (star)
88. Albali (star)
89. Avior (star)
90. Nash (star)
91. Phobos (moon)
92. Amalthea (moon)
93. Callisto (moon)
94. Europa (moon)
95. Hyperion (moon)
96. Ariel (moon)
97. Oberon (moon)
98. Charon (moon)
99. Umbriel (moon)
100. Titan (moon)

Goddesses, Marine Life & Harry Potter

Many of these words may look familiar to you - especially if you are a Harry Potter fan! Each one of these names could be weaved into a whole story so we've picked a few gems. Here's the backdrop to some of our Universe Names:

Draco: Draco is one of the 88 official constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union. Draco is located near Polaris, or the North Star, and is best seen on clear nights from the Northern Hemisphere. means dragon in Latin, and the name is linked to the legend of Hercules and the Golden Fleece. In this ancient tale, Hercules has to defeat Draco, a fire-breathing dragon guarding the golden fleece. The Greek goddess Athena also battled a dragon during the battle of the Olympian Gods against the Titans.

Many of us will know Draco as the mean-spirited bully from Slytherin House in the Harry Potter book!

Lyra: The Lyra constellation shines clearest in the midnight skies during June - so get stargazing! It is also most famous for its star Vega, which is the fourth brightest in the night sky. The name Lyra comes from lyre, a musical instrument from ancient times akin to a small harp. Lyra is associated with Orpheus, a musician and poet from Ancient Greek mythology. After the poet was slaughtered by the Bacchantes, his lyre was tossed into a passing river. The God Zeus sent an eagle to bring back the lyre, then he immortalized them both in the starry sky.

Andromeda: This constellation is also known as the "Chained Lady" or "Chained Woman." Have you heard of the Myth of Perseus? Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae. He is most famous for slaying Medusa, one of the Gorgon sisters with snakes for hair, whose very glance would turn a mortal into stone. From the beheaded Medusa the winged Pegasus was born. Andromeda was a princess and the Goddess of Dreams. She was tyed to a rock as a sacrifice by Poseidon to be devoured by a sea monster. Perseus rescued Andromeda on his return from defeating Medusa, and then took her to his Kingdom to be his queen.

If you enjoyed these you'll love our Guide to the Greek Gods of the Planets!

Let us know what you think of this list. We'd love to know if you choose one of these names. Good luck and I hope you find the perfect name!

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