What does your star sign say about you?

According to astrologers, every zodiac sign has a different arrangement. It is essential, therefore, to comprehend our zodiac signs better as it will assist us with making progress. "Do you realize that people with Taurus are extremely difficult, while Cancer people are extremely moody?". By carefully reading the character expectations of the zodiac recorded below, you will leave some extraordinary memories." You can learn how to spot these constellations in the sky, or on your personalized star map, with our Learning the Stars series. If you're interested, you can also find out about the Stories Behind the Star Signs.


1 - Aries (March 21 – April 20)


Strengths: Aries is free in nature. They will be upbeat when they are single and having a relationship with them will be hard. They are extremely liberated, loaded up with positive vitality, courageous, and highly excitable. Aries will be steadfast until the end and will battle for the reason they are supporting. They have a fantastic sense of humor as well.

Weaknesses: Aries have a bad temperament. They can be restless as well and their thoughtless discourse will cause one to go distraught.

Relationships: An Aries lady is loaded up with vitality and hot-blooded. On the off chance that you are searching for a free lady who can deal with herself, at that point pick an Aries lady. An Aries man is loaded up with experience, and on the off chance that you are intending to have a relationship with him, you should be stylish and novel.

Top Love Matches: Sagittarius

2 - Taurus 21 April – 21 May


Strengths: Though Taurus is accepted to have the expertise of driving the route in an obscure way, they are truly reliable in nature. They are exceptionally faithful and can be trusted with anything. Additionally, their patient nature will depict them as adorable and thoughtful. Stunning companions, associates, and accomplices, they are trustworthy and pleased that their own connections will, in general, be without dramatization. Bulls get the notoriety of being obstinate, yet they're not generally stuck in their ways.

Weaknesses: Taurus is obstinate and languid in nature. Additionally, as a result of their materialistic nature, they will in general lose cash on their companions by tossing extravagant gatherings. Taurus disapproves of changes, it would make them anxious.

Relationships: A Taurus lady is old-fashioned, and she won't endure a man who isn't consistent with her. Trust, once crushed, can't be manufactured back easily for a Taurus. She will likely be a very enticing catch. In the event that she is supported and pampered well, she will be dedicated to her mate. Taurus men are very down to earth and they will only look for soul mates.

Top Love Matches: Virgo and cancer

3 - Gemini (May 22 to June 21)


Strengths: Gemini is acceptable at performing multiple tasks. They are loaded up with vitality and play erring on the side of caution cunningly with their words. Their well-disposed nature makes them an extrovert. Gemini is likewise clever in nature. Gemini is infatuated with adoration. Gemini cherishes dating, and the world loves Gemini. However, a Gemini will in the long run settle down, in light of the fact that this sign is unimaginably faithful and resolute once they've picked an accomplice.

Weaknesses: They do not mind their own business. They are extremely focused on the end goal and they may gossip or spread rumors in order to get there. Geminis often struggle to settle on significant choices on their own.

Relationships: Having a date with a Gemini lady will feel like meeting a companion. She will be dedicated to the man who is wittier than her.

Top Love Matches: Aries and Leo.

4 - Cancer (June 22 – July 22)


Strengths: Individuals of this group are extremely mindful in nature. They are likewise faithful to their companions. Anybody can confide in them and pass on their mysteries to them. In sentiment, Cancer is a giving and liberal darling and anticipates the equivalent consequently. The Crab is above brain games and loathes the excitement of the pursuit

Weaknesses: Cancer is clashing in nature. They for the most part need to be in the protected spot. Moreover, they are inconsistent. They are back biters too. Exactly when someone reprimands them before a get-together, they would react against the individual just in spite of his great confidence.

Relationships: One should be amazingly understanding and sensitive while dealing with a cancer lady. She will never make her first move. She searches only for security and love from a man. cancer man is romantic and flirtatious.

Top Love Matches: Taurus and Pices.

5 - Leo (July 23 – August 21)


Strengths: Leo implies Lion. The lion is known for its decision nature. Leo consistently stays as the focal point of fascination. Leo is exceptionally sure of getting things done, regardless of whether it is completely new. They are exceptionally aspiring in nature, which causes them to accomplish their objectives calmly.

Weaknesses: Because of their overwhelming and obstinate character they will on occasion discover hard to endure issues. They are likewise very touchy in nature and regularly hurt by their self-critical personality.

Relationships: A Leo lady will only fall in love if she too is loved. She has a stunning character that will naturally draw in men towards her. Leo men always look for soul mates.

Top Love Match: Libra

6 - Virgo (August– September 23)


Strengths: Virgo has a lot of knowledge. They likewise hold extremely solid diagnostic abilities. Virgo is extremely useful to anybody and can be depended upon whenever. They are likewise eminent for their exact nature.

Weaknesses: Virgo can carry on particular now and again and bother others. They don't accept anybody and will in general be incredulous consistently.

Relationships: Virgo women are very clever; they will play hard to get and will rarely make the first move. Virgo men will look for a classy partner and treat her as an equal.

Top Love Match: Cancer

7 - Libra (September 24 – October 23)


Strengths: Libra is extremely strategic in nature. They think from other people’s shoes and make choices depending on their view. They will be the focal point of fascination in a gathering and catching the eye of everybody. Libra cherishes extravagance and goes through a ton of cash buying delightful things to have around them.

Weaknesses: One cannot rely on a Libra. They spend more than they can afford. Libra often lack judgment on significant issues.

Relationships: To win any Libra woman you should be exceptional in the field of romance. Libra men are always in search of a perfect woman.

Top Love Match: Gemini

8 - Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)


Strengths: The Scorpio is classified as steadfast and clever in nature. Being enthusiastic about the work they do is a positive characteristic in them. They are additionally attentive and settle on famous choices relying upon the circumstances.

Weaknesses: Scorpios are envious and can't bear to see anybody improving than them. They are likewise exceptionally manipulative to get anything to their track.

Relationships: Scorpion women are very emotional you have to pamper them and take care of them to make them yours. Whilst, Scorpion men are so obsessed with their woman it is easy for them to seduce any scorpion man.

Top Love Match: Cancer

9 - Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22)


Strengths: Sagittarius are kind, liberal, and large lively, and consistently honest. Along these lines, they may offend others or might be gotten at for not having consideration or sympathy. The last isn't correct. With their sharp creative mind, Sagittarius is skilled at imagining someone’s perspective that is the reason so many Sagittarius are effective entertainers. They also don't want to shrink away from the real issue or compromise their integrity. You can trust a Sagittarius to tell you what they truly think. You can likewise confide in a Sagittarius, period. In contrast to different signs, they won't share any secrets you tell them.

Weaknesses: Sagittarius is apathetic in nature. On account of this chilly nature, they are disengaged from their companions as they can't be depended upon in the midst of hardship.

Relationships: Sagittarius women like a man with enthusiasm. She is so fun-loving and adventures. On the other hand, Sagittarius men are hard to get but their charm does make a good crowd.

Top Love Match: Leo

10 - Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)


Strengths: Capricorns blossom with request and love severe standards, orders, and set approaches to get things done. Could a Capricorn consider new ideas? Truly, they can, however they incline toward when they have severe limits to compel against, the free rule can settle on them feel incapacitated by decision. Capricorns are extraordinary at ascending the company pecking order, and particularly proficient at making (and contributing) cash. Capricorns love family and put a ton of confidence in conventions. A Capricorn may worry themselves attempting to do everything consummately, A Capricorn may feel like they should introduce a home-prepared feast each day, and could never confess to doing drive-through or takeout. A Capricorn in some cases is excessively centered around what things resemble, rather than how things feel, which could make them feel smothered and despondent.

Weaknesses: It takes a long effort to pick up the certainty of a Capricorn. They generally have a sentiment of uncertainty and have questions about themselves.

Relationships: A Capricorn lady is extremely sentimental, however, she will communicate it just to the correct man. She is delicate naturally and a grumpy person as well. She will command and have an-authority over the relationship in an extremely sure manner. It requires some investment for a Capricorn man to set his trust in anybody. In the wake of picking up his trust, he will be dependable and earnest in his relationship.

Top Love Match: Virgo

11 - Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)


Strengths: Free and enigmatic, Aquarius is exceptional. There is nobody quite like an Aquarius, and in light of the fact that each is so unimaginably singular, it tends to be difficult to portray them as a gathering. Aquarius don't care for names and may avoid any modifier, even the great ones you may offer them. Aquarius have confidence in the idea of progress and development, and despite the fact that they're a fixed sign, they may not really accept they are the "same" individuals they were when they were born..

Weaknesses: Aquarius consistently searching for something in their life, which may come at the price of their relationships. Taking action without realizing the consequences is another characteristic of Aquarius.

Relationships: The Aquarius lady needs entertaining. She can never be anticipated and consistently pines for fervor in a man. She will only fall for a man who treats her as an equal and gives her a sense of respectability. If the Aquarius man falls in love, he will offer enduring connections. It is important for anyone woman to ensure his needs are met, however.

Top Love Match: Sagittarius

12 - Pisces (February 20 – March 20)


Strengths: Savvy, imaginative, and profoundly natural, Pisces can be near clairvoyant. Pisces feel things profoundly and have unimaginably solid gut responses. A Pisces "knows" things from the inside and can work out whether an individual or circumstance is going to be good or bad. That doesn't mean a Pisces disregards the logical aspect of the mind, however. Profoundly smart, Pisces have significant regard for the intensity of the human psyche.

Weaknesses: Pisces is of a dreamer nature. They are awful in taking duties. Likewise, they are exceptionally languid in nature.

Relationships: A Pisces lady is enchanting. She isn't anything but difficult to play around. She would deal with her man like her child. She can't take abuse or dismissals. A Pisces lady will fall for a man just on the off chance that they are the “one”, who will sustain and fulfill her. Pisces men will, in general, have plenty of unfortunate propensities but he could conquer these with just the assistance of a lady. He searches for a lady who can gently guide him.

Top Love Match: Virgo

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