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Looking for a birthday gift for my grandma. She really likes bookbinding and papermaking.

For your grandma who enjoys bookbinding and papermaking, you can choose a thoughtful and personalized gift that caters to her creative interests. Here are a few ideas that she will surely appreciate:

1. Bookbinding Kit: Help your grandma explore and enhance her bookbinding skills with a complete bookbinding kit. Look for a set that includes a variety of tools, such as bone folders, awls, needles, and waxed thread. Additionally, you can add some high-quality binding materials like handmade paper or cloth for a professional touch.

2. Handmade Paper: Since she is also interested in papermaking, consider giving her a collection of handmade papers in various colors, textures, and weights. These papers can be used for her bookbinding projects or collage work, allowing her to add uniqueness to her creations.

3. Bookbinding Class or Workshop: If your grandma wants to refine her skills or learn new techniques, gift her a bookbinding class or workshop. Search for local art schools, community centers, or online platforms that offer bookbinding lessons. This gift not only gives her the opportunity to learn, but also a chance to engage with other creative individuals.

4. Unique Bookbinding Tools: Surprise your grandma with unique and antique bookbinding tools. Look for vintage folding bone folders, brass corner rounders, or embossing tools. These one-of-a-kind tools will add a nostalgic touch to her bookbinding process and serve as a cherished keepsake.

5. Personalized Book or Journal: Create a personalized book or journal specifically designed for your grandma. You can use her favorite colors, patterns, or themes for the cover. Consider adding her name, a meaningful quote, or a family photograph on the first page to make it even more special.

6. Bookbinding and Papermaking Books: Help expand your grandma's knowledge and inspiration by gifting her books on bookbinding and papermaking. Look for renowned titles that cover various techniques, historical bookbinding, or innovative papermaking methods. This gift will not only provide her with valuable information but also act as a source of creative motivation.

7. Subscription to a Paper or Craft Magazine: Treat your grandma to a subscription of a paper or craft magazine. There are many publications available that cover topics such as bookbinding, papermaking, paper art, and paper crafts. This gift will keep her updated on the latest trends, techniques, and inspirational projects in her preferred artistic domains.

Remember, the most important aspect of gift-giving is to show your grandma that you truly understand and appreciate her passion for bookbinding and papermaking. With any of these thoughtful gifts, you are sure to make her birthday truly special.

Or you can get her a star map with the date when she was born.

Sunnyanara Kham says about Under Lucky Stars star maps:
“Hi there guys I received my gift just in time for my wife’s birthday. She was absolutely shocked and amaze. I was really happy with how it came out. Thank you”

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