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Looking for a Christmas gift for my son. He really likes crossword and puzzle solving.

For your son who enjoys crossword and puzzle solving, there are several thoughtful and personal gift ideas that can enhance his hobby and make his puzzle-solving experience even more enjoyable. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Puzzle subscription box: Consider subscribing him to a puzzle subscription box service. These boxes typically include a variety of puzzles, such as crosswords, sudoku, and word searches, delivered to his doorstep regularly. It's a fun way for him to receive new challenges and keep his puzzle-solving skills sharp throughout the year.

2. Crossword puzzle books: There are many crossword puzzle books available, ranging in difficulty levels and themes. Look for books that align with his interests, whether it's sports, movies, or a specific topic he enjoys. This way, he can indulge in his hobby whenever he wants, even without an internet connection.

3. Puzzle accessory kit: Help your son make his puzzle-solving experience more comfortable and organized with a puzzle accessory kit. It can include items like a puzzle mat or roll-up puzzle board, puzzle glue to preserve completed puzzles, a sorting tray to separate puzzle pieces, and a puzzle solver's guidebook for tips and tricks.

4. Puzzle board game: Introduce him to board games that revolve around puzzles and brain teasers. Games like Codenames, Scrabble, or Bananagrams can stimulate his mind and provide hours of fun with family and friends. Additionally, there are specific puzzle-themed board games available, such as Puzzler Mind Gym or Perplexus, which offer a unique puzzle-solving experience.

5. Puzzle-themed merchandise: Consider purchasing puzzle-themed merchandise, like a t-shirt with a crossword puzzle design or a puzzle-solving mug. These items not only reflect his interest but can also serve as conversation starters or a subtle way for him to express his passion for puzzles.

6. Puzzle-solving apps or software: If your son enjoys solving puzzles digitally, gift him puzzle-solving apps or software. There are numerous crossword puzzle apps available that provide daily puzzles, as well as other puzzle-solving games like Sudoku or word search apps. You can also look for puzzle software that allows him to create his own personalized puzzles.

7. Puzzle-solving workshop or class: If you are interested in giving your son an experiential gift, look for puzzle-solving workshops or classes in your area. These can range from escape rooms to puzzle-solving competitions. Engaging in such activities can not only be entertaining but also give him an opportunity to meet like-minded puzzle enthusiasts and learn new solving techniques.

Remember, the key is to acknowledge and support his passion for crossword and puzzle solving with a gift tailored to his interests and preferences. By focusing on his hobby, you will show him how much you appreciate and value his passions.

Or you can get him a star map with an important date you share.

Madeline Moran Weiler Madeline Moran Weiler says about Under Lucky Stars star maps:
“The map was absolutely beautiful! My grandson was thrilled with it (it was a Christmas gift) and has already asked me if I would consider getting another one for him as a graduation gift in a couple of years.”

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