Three COVID star maps: 2 sweet and 1 funny

As the year of COVID-19 is ending and there are hopeful signs that humanity will able to tame the pandemic in 2021, we looked back at the star maps you all made at Under Lucky Stars and found a few coronavirus-related ones. Here are 2 sweet and a funny one.


Zoom? FaceTime? House Party app? Dating was certainly a bit different this year. Less "accidental" touches and flower bouquets, more face smoothing algorithms and connection errors. But love finds a way, as they say. Plus we all saved a ton of money not buying expensive perfumes.

We all hope that Michael (the author of the star map above) and his date had a good time!


On balance, the pandemic has been a tragic event for all humanity. But crises sometimes bring something wonderful with them, too. We learned to appreciate each other a little more and fighting a common enemy made us all brothers and sisters in arms. Not to mention all the Corona-babies and COVID-engagements!

This map by Alecia about friendship made us a little sentimental.


Out of all the ways to ask someone out, this must be one of the most original and funniest this year. This star map by Syed cracked us up.

We are dying to know if it worked! Syed, if you are reading this, please don't keep us in suspense!

Do you have a sweet or funny message you'd turn into a star map? Something important or special happened to you in 2020? We are here to help create mementos written in the stars.

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