4 and a half reasons to avoid Amazon this Christmas

2020 has been rough for all of us. We all deserve some jolly Christmas-time with our loved ones. We thought of 5 reasons not to do your Christmas shopping on Amazon this year, and what to do instead.

1. They don't need your money.

Amazon is one of the biggest corporations in the world run by the world's richest person. While countless businesses went bankrupt in the economic fallout of the pandemic, Amazon's stocks have experienced a meteoric rise. Support small businesses, family-run shops, startups, or kickstarters instead.

2. You can be original.

If everyone is doing their shopping in the same giant online mall, buying the same mass-produced items, it makes it really hard to give something original or meaningful to your loved ones. Seek out hand-made items on Etsy or your local art store, or give something sweet and personal, like one of our star maps.

3. Make a statement.

Amazon is known to mistreat its employees by paying them poorly and providing unfair work conditions. By avoiding them this Christmas, you can make a statement that you are not okay with this. Instead, buy from merchants with a high reputation and an upstanding public image.

4. Consider the environment.

Full disclosure, some of us at Under Lucky Stars are Amazon Prime members, too. It's great. It's convenient, fast, but it's also terrible for the environment. Amazon committed to net-zero carbon emissions on its deliveries by 2030 (this is great!), but they are still very far from that. If you can't wait for them, you can buy local goods (ideally also made locally) or research companies that already are carbon-neutral.

+1. Don't beat yourself up.

Christmas shopping is stressful enough already. Try these tips if you can but don't feel bad if you still find yourself going back to the Big A.

If you agree with our points, spread the word and forward this post to your family members!

Stay safe!

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