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We are Under Lucky Stars, we make beautiful star maps showing the alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you. Everyone has that special moment in their life that is worth making into a star map. We asked you to tell us about yours.

This is one of our favorites stories.

2949 Dunvale Rd, Houston, TX 77063, USA on the 28th of January, 1999, at 8:00pm


A friend of mine and some of his friends had a "movie night" every Monday and they could each invite one person. The only way the person could return was if everyone agreed. I got the invitation. Charles was a friend of my friend who was in the group. When we were making introductions, Charles commented:

"You have nice hands, can I hold it during the movie?"

The date and location for the map I chose are where the AMC Studio 30 movie theater is located. Fast forward to 2015, we were married the day same-sex marriage became legal in Texas. Several years ago, Charles got me a piece of art with the coordinates of the theater so this was the perfect match: what the stars were like that night. Unfortunately, we can't remember what the movie was! We saw many many more movies at the theater. It's in a very suburban area so there was no chance to see the real stars that night so this gift was an extra special opportunity to remember that date in that place.

What an awesomely unique gift that will be cherished for years to come!

Published on February 8, 2018, 2:46 pm

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