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We are Under Lucky Stars, we make beautiful star maps showing the alignment of the stars in a place and date chosen by you. Everyone has that special moment in their life that is worth making into a star map. We asked you to tell us about yours.

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900 W Avon Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48307, USA on the 25th of May, 2018, at 7:00pm


A story by Antonina M at 900 W Avon Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48307, USA on the 25th of May, 2018, at 7:00pm

My "Under Lucky Stars" moment hasn't happened yet, but I'm ecstatic for the moment to come.

My fiance and I met 5/11/15 in a summer class at Oakland University. Once I got into class I had this strange feeling. I knew either I was going to meet my love or stay single forever. It made sense in the moment and I felt oddly calm about my internal and perhaps melodramatic premonition. Sure enough, class began and there was no one in sight that sparked my interest, but then the classroom door opened and in came a man who was just my type. My first thought was "Wow. There he is." I felt elated and couldn't stop smirking at him.

Of course from his perspective, he was hesitant to even take the class and once he was late he was even more hesitant to enter the classroom but the professor saw him and beckoned him into the room. Then once he came in he saw me, this "cute, smirking girl" and wondered what the heck my problem was.

We were put into a group together which started us talking and the ritual of him walking me partway to my next class. One day he asked me out and the rest is history. We decided 5/11/15 was our anniversary because we felt like we became a couple the day we met. One year from the day we met he proposed, getting down on one knee on a candlelit bridge. It was the same bridge we stopped on on our first date where he almost kissed me for the first time, but didn't, because he didn't want the date to end. Later on I teased him that that bridge was a missed opportunity so he fixed that when he proposed!

Now, after another (almost) two years of school, job changes, house hunting, wedding planning, acclimating to one another's families and friends, and an assortment of other challenges and fun, we are less than four months away from saying "I do!"

In short, 5/25/18 at 7 pm is when I and my fiance will officially be husband and wife. Our ceremony will end and our first married kiss will be the affection that takes us into our married life. He is my soul mate and best friend. I love him more with every up and down of life and I chose a future date because he is my future.

Published on February 8, 2018, 9:20 pm

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