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Is Under Lucky Stars Scam?

Sometimes frustrated people comment on our social media accounts accusations like "this is the newest scam", "how do you know it's not just random dots on a paper" etc. Naturally this bothers us so we thought we'd clear the air.

We understand the doubt to some extent; how awesome it is that we can go back or forward decades in time and show you how the star aligned anywhere on Earth? It sounds incredible. Too sweet to be true.

We have also seen fake on inauthentic knock-offs popping up after we launched our product in 2016 so we thought we'd help you decide what is real.

If you studied a little bit of astronomy you know it's not an impossible task and that even ancient cultures like the Egyptians used to be able to predict the movement of celestial objects fairly accurately. However, we don't want you to just take our word for it, so we asked a NASA engineer to independently audit the accuracy of our star maps.

Dr Tom Barclay is a PhD in Astrophysics and he's currently working for NASA as a research scientist in their TESS mission, looking for Earth-like planets orbiting distant stars. He performed careful verification on our projections to make sure your special moments are accurately commemorated with a custom star map.

You can read more about the audit here.

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