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Werner Naessens reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Thanks for making a superb gift possible. Fast and excellent quality :-)
Kaitlin Carmichael reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Ordered a phone case as a gift and accidentally put the incorrect address for delivery… under lucky stars were quick to react to my queries for re-delivery to the correct address, ensuring I was kept informed of the changes and dispatch date. The recipient loves her phone case and says it is of high quality ❤️ could not recommend enough :)
Brenda Pinto reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
My wife loved it! Great quality, and awesome size! Shipping took a while, but definitely worth the wait! Thank you! Highly recommend!
Jonathon Shaffer reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
It was to commemorate the day I proposed to my fiancé, the map made it even more special it was huge very detailed
Tammy Roddam reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I had one made for our 30th Anniversary. It was perfect!!!!
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Crystal Cotton reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I got this as an anniversary gift to my husband of 31 years. He loves it. High quality materials. It is really nice. Thank you Under Lucky Stars for making our day so much more special!
Ayaka Ono reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I got a very nice star map. Both parents and children were delighted and loved it very much. You responded politely and re-shipped, despite being returned by my mistake. I was moved by this kindness. You are a great team. Thank you very much! !
Fi Pixie reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I was really stuck for a present for my Brother and his wife at Christmas. When I saw the Under Lucky Stars Star Maps I realised I was saved!! My brother and his wife had a romantic wedding in Whistler but I was unable to be there. This Star Map celebrates the day they got married and now I feel a part of their celebration. Thank you ULS's
Johnathan Loper reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
An amazing way to commemorate a special event or occasion. Science backed Star Charts, and unique customization of designs for a one of a kind personalized memory. I couldn't believe the quality when they arrived. Thank you so much Under Lucky Stars. Truly wonderful product.
Nirav Bhimani reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Wanted it before Valentine's Day 2020 but it arrived right on my Anniversary date! Beautiful thing and great delivery!
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Yara Kass Ibrahem reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
There is no word can express my happiness when I saw it, it's the most beautiful gift you can ever get
David Taylor reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Got exactly what I ordered. She loved it!
Tia Schwartz reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
love it!! such a great keepsake!
Maitham Abdulkareem reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Under lucky stars is a great page that provides you with a unique and special gift for your wife/girlfriend. I was lucky to request a gift from your website and the way you treated me was incredible! My shipment was lost and you guys offered me another one with free shipping to Iraq. Thank you very much for applying the real customer care.
Jeff Case reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
very unique and different.. I thought it was the best thing and my wife really loved it
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Shirley Lynn reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I ordered the heart design for the night of our first date. My boyfriend loved it!
Rainie Liew reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Meaningful and lovely gifts received from my Bae ❤️ I’m love it so much
Randy Heiman reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Wife loved it. It came in a timely manner. Quite impressed it.
Sarah Lohner reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Great quality product and very unique!
Michael Oliver reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Just as described!! Very nice personalized gift for your significant other. Ships super fast.
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Sara Bracamonte reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Such an awesome and thoughtful gift idea! I bought a star map for my bf of the night we met, for Valentine’s Day. He loved it! The map arrived promptly and I was able to get it matted and framed just in time. I’m super pleased with the outcome!! ♥️ Definitely recommend!!
Konstantina Mitr reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Very meaningful and lovely gift. Great quality of paper and colour
Susan Lovett reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I couldn't believe how amazing it came out to be
Lerii Lopez reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
loved it! it was perfect for Valentine's Day gift
David Dickason reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Ordered a map of the stars above us when my wife and I realized that we wanted a friendship to turn into something more - gave it to her yesterday (Valentine's Day) and got a most enthusiastic response. We are best pleased!
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