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Kyra Chevrier-Groulx reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Wonderful and quick customer service. Arrived a little late but that was expected with Christmas time and everything else going on! Love the product we recieved and cannot wait to give it as a gift. ❤️❤️❤️
Jamie Lynn Murphy reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I can’t wait to frame it and hang it up after Christmas 😉💞 and I can’t wait to get others to go along side it. So incredibly happy!
Vince Battiato reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I just received my star map and am so happy with it. Looks amazing.
Foyez Alaur Rahman reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Great service and great product. Corresponding with emails with quick responses. Would highly recommend
Michelle April reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I’ve ordered 2 maps over the last 3 years as gifts, and they both are excellent and I have had no problems from ordering, to shipping, to delivery.
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Verica Dinjaski reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Joy and satisfaction in every single step of making surprise for your loved ones, Under Lucky Stars 💖
Brooke Starkey Inabnet reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
It turned out beautiful! I gave this as a gift and I think he really liked it! It’s a like a frozen moment in time.
Tyler Norton reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Awesome work! Our map looks amazing!
Paul Graham reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
a very unique, personal gift for the special someone in your life.
Melissa Ann reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Website was very user friendly, order was easy to track, and the picture was perfect!!
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Jacquie Thibault reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Under the Stars is an awesome company! This product is beautiful and their service immpecible... the star map I purchased was easy to select and customize. And I had it in my home in less than 7 days. EXCELLENT! Thank you for your product and service.
Elaine Bornemeier reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
These are fabulous. They are gifts, so excited for my daughters to receive them for Christmas! Thank you!
Calina Prostean reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Wonderful products and a great ideea for a present!
Randy N Urban reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
My gf loved it and I was shocked on how fast shipping was
Camryn DuSold reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I had a few problems with shipping and Under Lucky Stars responded very quickly and efficiently with such a willingness to help. Thank you again :)
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Sydney Marie reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Great options and nice product. It takes a while to ship so be sure to order early if you need it by a certain date. My sister was very happy with her present.
Lacy McNerlin reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
It was absolutely beautiful! I literally cried putting it into a a frame . It’s for my boyfriend for Christmas and I can’t wait for him to see it! 100/10 recommend! Thank you so much ! Will definitely order again for another occasion!
Debbie Biggerstaff Kerans reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, they have it! On top of a great gift, they have the ABSOLUTE BEST customer service team who will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied! Their kindness and professionalism blew me away! Great job, Under Lucky Stars!!!
Darren Huckabay reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
The star map came on really nice paper and looked better than I had expected. I had it framed as it was a gift.
Sazzie Parker reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I first saw these star maps in a vlog after a proposal and thought it looked so lovely and visually appealing, especially for a special day. Since watching that vlog, I have seen many more adverts for these across social media, and as it was my dad's 60th birthday coming up, decided to buy one. The website is very easy to navigate with multiple different layouts and colours to choose from. It's also much more time specific than other sites I've seen, but you do need to be careful with text as it is big above but little underneath so positioning is important. When I received my dad's map, I couldn't be happier with it and my dad was very touched by it.
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Drea Dizon reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
It’s the sweetest gift you could ever give.. especially when you’re in a long distance relationship or away from family. You maybe physically far from each other but it makes you feel closer knowing that you’re still under the same sky :)
Ioana Boteanu reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
This map is amazing ❤️ happy that I found you!
Tina Duarte reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
This is great gift for any special occasion.
Steve McCorkle reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
We love ours! I’ve been waiting 9 months to order this. The day our little dude was born, I went online and ordered. The print and paper quality are nothing short of professional. Thank you so much!
Mandi Popovich reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
love love love my star map.. it arrived very quick.
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