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Kayla Glass reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
Ordered one for my bf for one of his bday presents and I did not regret, looks amazing and was very easy to navigate website! I also received it in the mail just a few days after I ordered it which was crazy fast! And it was HUGE way bigger than I imagines! If you’re worried it won’t be what you’re looking for, trust me it is.
Naja Eskholm reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
Very good. Ordered it and got it earlier than expected. Arrived in a very good condition and we are very happy to own one. Was a wonderful gift.
Ana reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
Stunning. An amazing gift idea
Alex Reyes Ramos reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
Honestly I was very hesitant about my purchase. But I am very satisfied, and happy with my map! It looks great & the paper quality is great. Purchased the valentines special for my girlfriend. (:
Lisa Cochran reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
I am very happy with my purchase!! It arrived promptly and very happy with the quality and look of purchase. Definitely would recommend!
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Hunter Murray reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
Awesome! She loved it! A great idea for any holiday!
Mandy Shepherd reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
I ordered my wife a star map for Valentine's day and it was lost in the mail , I emailed under the lucky star and they immediately took care of and I received it a few days later exactly the way I ordered it... totally recommend
Ree Bristol reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
was such a great gift my husband loved it
Mikyla Holman reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
Excellent service and delivery I highly recommend this product.
Lilly Iaschelcic reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
Such a great gift for anyone and for any occasions. Absolutely in love with it. Grab yours and make your partner feel special 💝❤️
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Nick Wiers reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
My wife loved the picture she was so overjoyed with it. She said it was the best guide gift she has ever got.
Luiza Oliveira reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
Best gift ever!!! It’s so nice and looks even better in person 🥰
Eni Șter reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
Hello✌️ My star map arrived today and i m so so happy. For the first, i had a problem with the transport and every single time the costumer service answered my mails almost instantly , they are a very qualified team and their interest to get the map safely to you it s the same as yours. About the product quality?? It s AMAZING, sincerely wished i order with the frame too. They packed it strong so you can rest assured about the transport!! RECOMMEND IT! It s a unique and very impressive gift. 🎁
Smork “TheGuyThatLives” Alam reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
Great! I got the poster today, the delivery time was a bit long but I can understand restrictions were bad. I'm really happy with the quality and I would definitely recommend this as an anniversary gift!
Margianna Bacha reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
Excellent products!!Unique! :D
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Paula Pavel reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
I love our maps!The service is impeccable.Thank you,made us so happy!❤️
Mihajlo Keča reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
Really unique quality product as well as impressive Customer Service. Customer service answers almost instantly and provides thorough check on your order as well as delivery. Product quality it amazing, wished I ordered with a frame after seeing the map. Packaging is strong, reinforced. Mine even had a bump on one side, probably due to post office misconduct, however it wasn't even close to damaging the map itself. All in all, it's 10/10 purchase. Thanks once again to your team! You are great.
Sami Lanza reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
10/10 recommend BEST GIFT EVER. Totally unique and something nobody would expect. I had a problem with the shipping and under luck stars customer service was amazing to deal with!
Jordan Hannis reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
Pretty Cool. The girlfriend loved it. I think it’s pretty cool too. Awesome purchase!
Katrina Hawkins reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
I was seriously impressed! Really wished I had ordered it with the frame but was trying to cut cost since I had to buy other gifts for Christmas. The quality after I rolled it out was such amazing quality! I didn't expect that honestly but everything was EXACTLY like I wanted and had hoped! So yay! I loved it so much, I will be definitely getting more in the future!
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John Stenger reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
excellent product it looks amazing customer service is amazing thank you lucky stars my wife loves it
Rahma Hamad reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
The texture of the poster is great. The customer service is 5/5
Carmel Freeman reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
high quality and great service, what more could you ask for? highly recommend 👌
Stephanie Sheets reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
I got this picture for my husband and I Anniversary. It shows how the stars were aligned the night we shared our first kiss. He absolutely loves it.
Jenn Myers reviewed Under Lucky Stars★★★★★
This was the best Christmas gift I ever gave my husband. He loved it
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