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Qui trovi alcune delle recensioni più recenti lasciate dai nostri affezionati clienti per aiutarti a decidere se meritiamo o meno la tua fiducia.

Rowan James Prince reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Delivered quickly and quality was amazing
Carrie Rhoden reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Absolutely beautiful! I am so happy with my purchase and will definitely tell my friends about the quality of the poster.
Ayla Reid reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
To order it was so easy and could pick exactly what I wanted. Came so quickly I couldn’t believe it, all the way to Aus. The stat map looked amazing, love it
Staci Genelle Foland reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I ordered a print for my boyfriend for his upcoming birthday 7 days ago and received it today. I ordered the anatomical heart one reflecting back on our first date. We love it! It is beautifully done and looks great in the living room!!!
Shawn Badman reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
we love our under lucky stars
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Penny Lynn Arnold reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
my boyfriend was so touched! and it's truly a beautiful work of art
Rhea Patterson reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
My fiancé loves to look at the stars so this was the perfect gift for his birthday. FUN FACT: Our first date was also the day he asked me to date him!
Luann Skinner reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I ordered the star map 8 days before my daughter's birthday. It arrived in 7 days just in time for her birthday. Thank you! She loved the star map.
Tina Lovik reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Just beautiful! Loved it!
Alex Jade reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Awesome customer service! From letting me order a design that is no longer available to answering multiple questions and messages late into the night on a Sunday. Super happy with my purchase!! I would recommend this company to everyone!
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Tammy Price reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I just love it! My boyfriend loved it! I tell everyone about it!
Kaitlyn Elizabeth reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
My order came PERFECT and in just 11 days! I got this special piece for my fiancée for our 6th anniversary since he proposed. We both love it so much ♥️
Spencer Hartley reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I ordered a star map for my boyfriend and I’s 2 year anniversary (today!) my first map came and my dog DESTROYED IT. I emailed the team in hopes of getting their help to replace it and they sent me a new one for FREE. They were so kind, professional, and thoughtful. I HIGHLY recommend their posters. They look stunning and are such a fun conversation piece. 10/10!
L'Domanick Jones reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I ordered this for my girlfriend and it made her cry. She loved it and said it was the best gift anyone has ever gotten her. Thank for helping me show the woman of my dreams how much I love her!!
Ashley Kerr reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
my fiancé ordered me a print and I absolutely love it! we received it this morning and it's already framed and hung on our gallery wall!!
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Jomarey D. Malbas reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
My girlfriend super love it! Thank you Under Lucky Stars!
Rudra Abbi reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Great service and great customer service.. Best in business
Brittney Faye Anderson reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I absolutely loved it great quality it was a gift to my husband and he loved it as well! Will be ordering again
Connie Demler reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
my husband loved it now he can't forget are wedding day😄
Tim Pinney reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
My star map for my wife was the best thing I could’ve gotten her for our wedding anniversary
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Jordan Pires reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I order the most beautiful map for my boyfriend. He loved it and the print was stunning. Everything was very clean and clear. I was happy. The paper was thicker was was nice and had an almost matte feel. 5 out of 5!
Jamie Perry reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I love the star maps they are beautiful and perfect gifts for loved ones
Marianna Huth reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I created a beautiful star map for my brother and his girlfriend. It was for the moment and place they were reunited in Hilo Hawaii. They had parted ways for a little while but realized they were meant to be together 💕 so they met up again in Hilo at the beginning of the covid madness. They spent 2 weeks in a cute little house on the beach. They could go out their back door and pick fresh mango 🥭 which they both love! Mango is actually the fruit of Love I believe...... then they decided to come where I live in Wilmington. Their birthdays are 2 days apart (May 6th and 8th) Taurus ♉️ couple! I asked my brother the time and place where they were reunited..... created the gorgeous star map and gave it to them for their birthday!! I chose the second biggest one, got it framed and chose the star/galaxy background. The girlfriend cried and my brother got tears in his eyes. She said “you captured the most beautiful and wonderful moment of my life!” Thank you Under Lucky Stars for making my brother and his girlfriends birthday super special!!!
Kristine Elaine Montoya reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Initially I had my first poster damaged, but Under Lucky Stars sent me a replacement one immediately. Although the printing process takes several days, I received the poster with expedited shipping. It looks great! Super happy with how it turned out. :)
Sierra Puffenbarger reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Loved how it came out! made a great present for my fiance!
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