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Darren Huckabay reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
The star map came on really nice paper and looked better than I had expected. I had it framed as it was a gift.
Sazzie Parker reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I first saw these star maps in a vlog after a proposal and thought it looked so lovely and visually appealing, especially for a special day. Since watching that vlog, I have seen many more adverts for these across social media, and as it was my dad's 60th birthday coming up, decided to buy one. The website is very easy to navigate with multiple different layouts and colours to choose from. It's also much more time specific than other sites I've seen, but you do need to be careful with text as it is big above but little underneath so positioning is important. When I received my dad's map, I couldn't be happier with it and my dad was very touched by it.
Drea Dizon reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
It’s the sweetest gift you could ever give.. especially when you’re in a long distance relationship or away from family. You maybe physically far from each other but it makes you feel closer knowing that you’re still under the same sky :)
Ioana Boteanu reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
This map is amazing ❤️ happy that I found you!
Tina Duarte reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
This is great gift for any special occasion.
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Steve McCorkle reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
We love ours! I’ve been waiting 9 months to order this. The day our little dude was born, I went online and ordered. The print and paper quality are nothing short of professional. Thank you so much!
Mandi Popovich reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
love love love my star map.. it arrived very quick.
Shannon Mckinney reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
The customer service and quality of the map are both extraordinary!
Paula Kuosa reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Product has good quality and it look like on the reference pictures. I'm happy with it 💕 it was excellent suprise gift for me bf.
Blumaster Mason reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
It took longer than expected but came right on time...She loved it....I love it to. Must have on the list.....didn't disappoint!!!!!
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Serena Pulcini Schrage reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Easy to order and fast delivery
Nichole Armstrong Hider reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
The ordering process was easy and the finished product was great.
Alejoh Rojas reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
It was easy for buying and the shipments are hight quality. I'm excited with my star map!!
Jason Palmer reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Great, easy and quick buying experience!
Mary Powell reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
We love the quality of our star map and they were great about answering questions.
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Holli Murie Koss reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I loved it and so did my husband. Also several friends asked me where I got it and I passed y'all's name along. Thank you so much.
Chris Lemou reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
really good paper quality & vibrant colors :)
Amani Rajab reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I love my lucky stars photo so happy that I made it ❤️
Catana Silvia reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Verry nice map! It looks better in reality
Ayesha Khan reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I love it .. The whole experience from ordering till shipment was very smooth and quick <3 I love the material of the sheet you guys print it on it looks like velvet ..
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Yadira Liz Serrano Montalvo reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
My boyfriend loved it!! So did I!
Gabriela Camelia reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
We absolutely love it! Had it made for our newborn daughter...such an original gift! Fast shipping and very high quality.
Claudia Perez reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
My niece LOVED it! It was her favorite gift on her sixteenth birthday. The framing was excellent. The picture quality was clear and gorgeous.
Brandon Hicks reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
it was a wonderful surprise. it was a great way to remember our special day. only thing was when asked for the date I understand it was for the date of the stars but I didnt realize the date wasnt on the poster its self I guess I should have put it on the extended text. otherwise very happy with the product pricing maybe a little high but total outcome was worth it. thank you lucky stars.
Amber Denise reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
My star alignment came out really nicely. I got it for my boyfriend for our 1yr anniversary and he loved it. The only problem was I misspelled some the word Rest & it said “test” instead so i ended up cutting the headline out of my picture altogether 🙄 but all in all, beautiful.
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