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Ron Graham reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Great product, fast delivery, and outstanding customer service.
Waynne Bjurstrom reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
My wife was very happy with the surprise I gave her to represent our wedding night.
Stefan Anderegg reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Great Service! Nice Product and good quality
Pao SG reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Amazing Quality, easy to order, great team supporting the costumer service and the Star Map it is lovely!!! 😍
Cami L'Epíscopo reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Recommended, an incredible job! It arrived very quickly. Thanks again, Camila from Argentina
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Elizabeth Nicole reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
My husband got me a frame with the constellations on our wedding day as a 2nd anniversary present. I almost cried because it was so beautiful. I absolutely love it. It’s very thoughtful and looks great on my wall. When I get more wall art, it envision how great it’s going to look as a part of a wall collage.
Larry Callaway reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Simple yet elegant! It was a great gift!
Giulia Cartareggia reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
It’s an amazing gift...they are professional, punctual and available!!! In love with My alignment of the stars!!!
AlSultan Abdullah reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Their products are so good, the material is great, the customer service is magnificent. I would totally recommend.
Brooke Matzner reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Easy to order, great quality, fast shipping, just amazing all around! They provided me with the best item to gift my best friend for his birthday! With him and I living in different states it’s very difficult to make holidays and birthdays special, but Under Lucky Stars definitely helped me make him feel loved and overjoyed on his special day!! I will definitely be purchasing from them again!
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Justine Henault reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I LOVE how Under Lucky Stars can commemorate any important day that is personal to you! I love being able to look at the beautiful constellations on the wall and instantly have a flashback to the day I met my husband. It hangs proudly on our wall as a remind of our history and love we've shared for almost two decades (5 more years to reach that!). I especially appreciate the beautiful and simple layout. As a graphic designer, I have a great deal of appreciation for beautiful design. Under Lucky Stars exceeded my expectations. It even arrived earlier than they said it would too!
Lesly Casanova reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
very unique. we loved it
Paulo Martins reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
As it is advertised. Everything went smoothly, Will buy another product.
Keith George reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Exactly what I ordered, and I perfect gift for the one I love.
Tammy Renee Haun reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
What a surprise to get this!! Great quality and such a wonderful gift! ♥️♥️♥️
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Jamira Porter reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I made mine a little pick me up for my husband, he loved the sentimental piece and how elegant it was.
Johnny Carter Jr reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
The star map is gorgeous. Shipping was fast too!
Jacqueline Stringer reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Great birthday present. Arrived very quickly.
Cheryl McCue reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
This is such a great gift to memorialize a loved one, that has passed
Stanley Chandler reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
speedy delivery and great mounting and framing
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Amanda M. Anderson reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
the poster was amazing! definitely a hit for my sweet, loving boyfriend! 😍
Nathan Gaudreault reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
My wife said, "If the house catches on fire, apart from people and animals, this will be the first/only thing I grab as we run out."
Christopher Lacaria reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I knew that I won Valentine’s Day when she covered her mouth, tears welled up, and she said nothing for two minutes. Now I have to figure out how to match this gift for the rest of my life lol.
Ray Borgaard reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
Wonderful purchase! This gift put into perspective a very special day in our life together!
Edyta Strączek reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
I found you by accident about half a year ago and back then I decided I wanted to make a special Birthday gift for my fiance. I gave it to him today and he was speechless! Thank you so much for fast production and fast delivery!
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