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Star map of the happiest moments of your life

We are Under Lucky Stars.

Our maps are independently verified for their scientific accuracy to help you avoid inauthentic and fake star maps.

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Why join the club of star map fans?



Besides choosing the design, you can completely personalize your star map by adding your own title and footnote. Each map is unique and made on-demand, just for you. Stop buying boring gifts.



You can choose from a variety of beautiful designs, each carefully crafted to be a worthy memento of the most important moments of your life.



We print on museum-quality, thick, matte art paper of 200GSM, on 300dpi. We are very proud of it, it's gorgeous and lasts for generations. Check our reviews to see what others think.

A Trusted Brand

A Trusted Brand

We pioneered the concept of personal star maps in 2016, and delivered over 100,000 star maps commemorating over 100,000 special moments since then. We collected our favorites under Stories.

Fast, Free, Global Shipping

Fast, Free, Global Shipping

Our maps ship globally. If you are in a hurry, choose our Express shipping option. Unframed maps ship for free everywhere.



We hired a NASA engineer to validate the scientific accuracy of our maps so you can be sure that you are always getting an accurate star map for the most important moments of your life and helps you avoid fake products. Read more here.

How We Do It

How We Do It

Our proprietary algorithm that charts the sky for any moment and time you choose was developed in-house. We use reputable astronomical sources like Yale University BSC.

Professional Framing

Professional Framing

If you choose so, we professionally frame your star map so it's ready to be hung on your wall without any hassle.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Every year we offset our carbon footprint we accumulate from manufacturing and shipping your maps. So the planet is happy and you are happy.

Surprise Videos

Watch sweet & real videos of unwrapping surprise star maps by happy star map owners.

Keifer's video of opening an Under Lucky Stars surprise star map

Keifer's Video


Hank's video of opening an Under Lucky Stars surprise star map

Hank's Video


Isaiah's video of opening an Under Lucky Stars surprise star map

Isaiah's Video


Some Happy Star Map Owners

Star Map Owner sofiawolff
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by sofiawolff

sofiawolff "It feels so damn good"

Star Map Owner pa.tryc.ja
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by pa.tryc.ja

pa.tryc.ja "He still surprises me"

Star Map Owner martonavila
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by martonavila

martonavila "Looks beautiful in my dining room"

Star Map Owner artynads
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by artynads

artynads "Such a great idea! It's so different"

Star Map Owner suerose
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by suerose


Star Map Owner Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson

Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson legendary astrophysicist

Star Map Owner vickidignard5
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by vickidignard5


Star Map Owner susandumirai
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by susandumirai


Star Map Owner celeste_wright
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by celeste_wright

celeste_wright "It's gorgeous!!!! I love it already. It's a star map of what the stars looked like the minute Lila was born above the hospital she was born in. 💘"

Star Map Owner dayanne_br
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by dayanne_br

dayanne_br "Thank you @sudapl for adding a spark of magic in every moment we spend together."

Star Map Owner soniamencarelli
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by soniamencarelli

soniamencarelli "Our first kiss happened under a starry sky in September"

Star Map Owner prettybudgettips
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by prettybudgettips

prettybudgettips "I love stars and all products with stars! 💫"

Star Map Owner mkbhd
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by mkbhd

mkbhd "Lowkey this is the nerdiest poster you will ever see. Shoutout to @underluckystars for some studio art."

Star Map Owner derekromero_
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by derekromero_

derekromero_ "My girlfriend loved your star maps! She couldn't stop crying"

Star Map Owner piiatuuli
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by piiatuuli

piiatuuli "Amazing"

Star Map Owner ella_aalto
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by ella_aalto

ella_aalto "This one surprised me with the best gift ever ❤"️

Star Map Owner michellemcgradyphotography
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by michellemcgradyphotography


Star Map Owner irmadedusic
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by irmadedusic


Star Map Owner margiespage
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by margiespage

margiespage "Our two year anniversary is coming up and this poster from @underluckystars reminded me of it. This is what the sky looked like on the exact day we got married!! How special is that?"

Star Map Owner othersparkles
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by othersparkles

othersparkles "Thank you @underluckystars for never letting memories fade ⭐"

Star Map Owner lil.lucky.star
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by lil.lucky.star

lil.lucky.star "Who’s surprised we got each other the exact same gift 😍 @underluckystars thank you for the beautiful prints!"

Star Map Owner vivaaace
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by vivaaace

vivaaace "having something that documents our relationship means so much to us."

Star Map Owner emiliedurck
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by emiliedurck

emiliedurck "Thanks for making this long distance relationship so much easier!!!!"

Star Map Owner liviablossom
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by liviablossom


Star Map Owner migahjung
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by migahjung


Star Map Owner mama.von.leo
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by mama.von.leo


Star Map Owner skinnylattemommy
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by skinnylattemommy

skinnylattemommy "Best gift EVER! I adore this map of the stars on our wedding day from @underluckystars. I have been intentional about filling my home with meaningful decor, and this makes me smile every time I look at it. 😍"

Star Map Owner jexul
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by jexul

jexul "She loves it!"

Star Map Owner brittanymang20
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by brittanymang20

brittanymang20 "I love it! It's the perfect gift!"

Star Map Owner alessia.lee_
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by alessia.lee_


Star Map Owner lumi_blose
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by lumi_blose

lumi_blose "I thought about making a special gift, not just a simple object that you use and then you get tired, but rather something special, which lasts forever..."

Star Map Owner thejenwhen
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by thejenwhen


Star Map Owner wavesandlilacs
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by wavesandlilacs

wavesandlilacs "1. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays hands down. 2. Surprising Jake with a map of the constellations from the day we were married from @underluckystars made it that much better this year. "

Star Map Owner cvm.photo
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by cvm.photo

cvm.photo "cozy."

Star Map Owner rickkrisman
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by rickkrisman

rickkrisman "❤️❤️"

Star Map Owner francoalvarezcrestana
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by francoalvarezcrestana

francoalvarezcrestana "💪👌👌️"

Star Map Owner elisamayx
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by elisamayx

elisamayx "Perfect!️ ❤"️

Star Map Owner realdlc
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by realdlc


Star Map Owner merijn.yth
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by merijn.yth

merijn.yth "That night, under the French sky we had our first kiss. One year later I surprised my girlfriend with the star map of that moment on the exact same location of our first kiss"

Star Map Owner umnaamr
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by umnaamr

umnaamr "For there is no better way to capture the beauty of the night we got married than by remembering how the stars looked down upon us."

Star Map Owner aljawharah.f
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by aljawharah.f


Star Map Owner manufilgueira
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by manufilgueira


Star Map Owner enjoy.mamahood
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by enjoy.mamahood


Star Map Owner yevka_kobenko
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by yevka_kobenko


Star Map Owner alyssaaleww
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by alyssaaleww

alyssaaleww "Thank you for happy tears 💗"

Star Map Owner mylifebylexi
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by mylifebylexi

mylifebylexi "We feel like the stars aligned the day we met, and so for this day I wanted to freeze the night sky forever. The most romantic flipping gift I’ve ever got him."

Star Map Owner mz.interior
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by mz.interior

mz.interior "😍"

Star Map Owner k4ms
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by k4ms


Star Map Owner martinazilio
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by martinazilio

martinazilio "A lovely present for me and my sweetie"

Star Map Owner miixtapeherz
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by miixtapeherz

miixtapeherz "The Night I Knew🌹"

Star Map Owner sheridaningalls
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by sheridaningalls


Star Map Owner manuelaleguizamon
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by manuelaleguizamon


Star Map Owner foundandfree
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by foundandfree


Star Map Owner britt_eisele
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by britt_eisele


Star Map Owner 123jasmined
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by 123jasmined

123jasmined The universe gave me you for a reason

Star Map Owner maleiamargaret
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by maleiamargaret

maleiamargaret "This might sound cheesy, but you stole a pretty big pizza my heart"

Star Map Owner chrisandnate
Under Lucky Stars Star Map by chrisandnate



Choose your favorite design, add custom title and footnote.


Still confused? Let legendary astrophysicist Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City explain Under Lucky Stars in this super intriguing video with comedian Chuck Nice.

People Say

Star Map Owner Thao Phuong Le
Thao Phuong Le reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
December 5, 2019 at 8:53 PM
As my boyfriend is an astrophysicist, I knew he would be very skeptical of the accuracy of the map. Luckily it was very accurate (he checked, of course) and the printing material was kind of chalk-like, gives it a very unique feel. Boyfriend was very impressed, and so was I!
Star Map Owner Dee Palmer-Akers
Dee Palmer-Akers reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
November 19, 2019 at 4:28 PM
I ordered this for my first Anniversary with my husband. He LOVED it. It was a unique gift that I could only have dreamt of. Thank you for helping me pick the perfect gift!
Star Map Owner Mathew Jacobsen
Mathew Jacobsen reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
November 18, 2019 at 10:17 PM
I love how the product turned out and my girlfriend cried happy tears when she saw it
Star Map Owner Bridget Shields
Bridget Shields reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
September 17, 2019 at 10:07 PM
I wanted a keepsake to give to my father for his birthday as he has terminal cancer. He was delighted by his gift. The process of ordering was easy and delivery was prompt. A great gift idea.
Star Map Owner Sarah Keefe
Sarah Keefe reviewed Under Lucky Stars5 ★
September 17, 2019 at 3:47 PM
I ordered one of these for my husband for our first wedding anniversary and it came out perfect. Everyone I showed loves it and he loves it so much! I couldn’t have asked for more. The price was great, shipping was fast and no issues at all. Definitely recommend 👍🏻
See more reviews here

Love Letters

A few of the many we got (not to sound braggy)

Just received it OMG thank you thank you so much, I love it! It's so beautiful! Will definitely send you some pictures as soon as gift it to my bf, thank you guys for your full support and the best customer service Hello, I will tell you that my purchase was in great shape upon arrival and my husband of just a few years was speechless. He had it framed immediately and hung it in his den. He is very particular about what goes in his den! So we were both very pleased. Thank you so much!!! What you guys do is absolutely amazing this is the perfect gift, everyone I've told about it has loved the idea and has made plans to order one for future gifts to others, again, thank you! Hi! I am Shania! I just wanted to let you all know that you did a phenomenal job and that the star-map as well as the frame are gorgeous! The present is being well-loved. Thank you again I got my pakcage today and I'm beyond happy thank you so much This was my wedding gift to my husband, thanks for making my dreams come true! Hello my dears! My parcel arrived today and I am super happy and so impressed with the quality! The poster looks really nice! I ordered it on 3 September and that it arrives so fast in Germany I would not have thought. Great work! Thank you very much! Thank you again. She loved it so much that her mom had to wait til the next day to take a picture because she wouldn't stop crying

Do you need some inspiration?


Crisp resolution, impeccable printing quality.

Star Map Close Up Star Map Close Up Star Map Close Up


I love these, how much does it cost?

Depends on the size and the frame. Our smallest print (12 x 16 inches or 30 x 40 cm) starts at $45, shipping included. The product is the highest quality smooth art print on 240 GSM papers. We are very proud of it.

How long is the shipping?

To the US, the EU and Australia we estimate 7-10 calendar days, to Latin America 14-31 days, and to the rest of the world 10-21 days.

If that's too slow for you, Express shipping is available to most countries.

Do you ship to the United States?

Yes, absolutely.

How do I pay?

We accept major credit cards and PayPal.

How do I order?

You can design, preview and order your beautiful print on our website. Click here.

Is this the perfect gift?

Yes, it is.

More questions?

You can find answers here.


We publish stories you sent us about important moments that you made into a star map.
Here are some of our favorites.

Christie's Story

On October 1st, 2017 at 9pm, my boyfriend Justin told me he loved me for the very first time. I responded with “Took you long enough.” Less than an hour later a gunman opened fire down on us.

Read more

Megan's Story

So this was the weird night when I met my husband. I had just finished a 14-hour shift at a bakery, was going through a fairly nasty divorce (married far too young), and just wanted to grab a drink at the bar next door before going home to sleep and start it all over.

Read more

Robert's Story

At about 1am I was woken up by my wife then 26 weeks pregnant with our first child. She had been having trouble sleeping for the past few nights but this time she said we needed to go to the ER because something was not right.

Read more
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